So Why Did Canada Need A Special Extra Law For Camcording Movies?

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Back during the big debate over the need for new laws against “camcording” a movie in Canada, Michael Geist pointed out that existing laws were already perfectly fine in dealing with the problem. Of course, despite all of that, the power of the movie industry lobbyists was too strong and the bill still became law. So, isn’t interesting to find out (via Geist again) that a recent arrest for camcording in a movie theater didn’t even happen under the new law, but under the old copyright law. So, once again, can someone explain why the MPAA needed that new law and why Canadian politicians agreed to it?

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Comments on “So Why Did Canada Need A Special Extra Law For Camcording Movies?”

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TW Burger (profile) says:

It's in a Politician's Nature

A politician is a person that seeks the attention and praise of others, as actors do, but has absolutely no talent (and although they usually have a law degree, no professional abilities). History shows politicians (and probably bureaucrats) have always ingratiated themselves to the entertainment industry and will waste enormous public funds to do so. I’m not certain if the government-entertainment relationship is an attempt to achieve vicarious fame on the politicians part for personal reasons or an effort to gain public image through association. What is clear is that the entertainment industry is taking full advantage of this socio-political dynamic and is wasting a great deal of the time and money that was promised by those politicians to be used for the general good and is instead being selfishly and stupidly wasted on this special interest group.

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