Will Amazon Wordsmith 1-Click Patent Back From The Dead?

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theodp writes "By merely adding six words suggested to them by the USPTO (and changing the word ‘a’ to ‘the’), attorneys for Amazon.com are claiming to have out-finessed the do-it-yourself lawyering efforts of LOTR actor Peter Calveley and have now instructed the USPTO to reinstate ALL of the 1-Click patent claims that were rejected in October as a result of Calveley’s reexam request." And that, ladies and gentleman, is a reminder of just how difficult it really is to invalidate a patent. As we said back when people were celebrating the initial rejection of one-click claims, this story is far from over — and the advantage always goes to the patent holder.

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Comments on “Will Amazon Wordsmith 1-Click Patent Back From The Dead?”

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TheDock22 says:

Re: omfg capitolists

i dont understand why people cant just share sortware and ideas and shit like that.

Yea, like how about 1-Word Checkout. All I have to do is say my special word and the software automatically adds it to my shopping cart and checks me out. Everyone is free to use my idea, except Amazon who I will sue if they even try it.

Tom Evans says:

Its Software, Its a Bar Tab... and its what cookie

Does software (or business processes) effect the physical world?

Writing up software, an expression of an IDEA, in a patent app does not make it patentable. SCUS will someday wake up and fix this.

But even so, moving a normal human behavior to a computer is not invention – its observation, abstraction, and implementation. That is what is obvious to someone skilled in the art – no matter what the lawyers say.

Cookies. Bah.
This would be like… create tablet of paper, (paper, staple, and assembly claim), make table available for use (table + selected spot on bar + pen claims), make notation of arrival of customer, request, cost and time/date, ( paper + pen + optical sense and pattern recognition + writing + time-of-day instrument claims), bla bla bla.

Its a bar tab.
Amazon, I have never used 1-click, and wont’ until this patent is invalidated, preferrably by you “the Corporate “Person”) declaring that you are all friendly flying fakers

Software patents do not further the common good, not in any way shap or form. Our laws, as specified by and for citizens have been twisted to provide one sided benefit to corportions, the people who run them and the polititions that take their money.

In the US, call Congress at: 202 224 3121

Roderick Klein says:

WHo realy benefits here ?

I work in the IT sector myself and how much knowlegde do I have ? The sector always changes and evolves. But yhe Amazon one click patent, just like many other IT related patents should have never been granted.

I gues its save to say only one group of people are involved most with the whole patent process and have the most benefit in ceeping this silly circus going ?!
Gues who, lawyers. They process patents before send to the USPTO or European patent office, they send out the letters asking you should license “technology” and if it gets to it “see you in court”…

There are also serious IT patents but most of the patents that reach the mean stream press do so for a reason. And not all dicussions on slashdot are sometimes amusing on patents, sometimes the discussions alone do provide a serious case for patents to be reviewed again. And with that in mind you rea;y wonder how good the patent offices are doing there work. By approving a lot of succh fundamentaly flawed IT patents…

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