Call For Open Web Awards Nominations

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The Open Web Awards have been created to recognize the best online communities on the web. In the spirit of collaboration, instead of building a central site to handle nominations and voting, Techdirt and its readers, along with 30 other blog communities, have been invited to be part of the nomination process. It sounded like a fun idea, so we decided to give it a try.

The contest recognizes sites in 13 different categories:

  • Mainstream and Large Scale Networks
  • Applications and Widgets
  • Social News and Social Bookmarking
  • Social Search
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Photo Sharing
  • Video Sharing
  • Start Pages
  • Places and Events
  • Music
  • Social Shopping
  • Mobile
  • Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks

If you would like to nominate a site for an award, please do so in the comments with a subject in the form of “NOMINATE: [category name]: [site name]” — nominations will be compiled the evening of Tuesday, December 4th, after which a few rounds of voting will commence.

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Comments on “Call For Open Web Awards Nominations”

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KillerRoo says:


Billmonk is a great way for roommates & friends to painlessly track debts between them. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now, with no complaints! Features include SMS adding of debts (for when you’re out at happy hour), comments, reminders, etc.

Randomly and equitably assigns pennies, allows you to shuffle debts if everyone is settling up at once.

The DoLittle (user link) says:

NOMINATE: Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks:

Techdirt posted a story from Randi about him calling bullshit on an audiophile’s $7k audio cable. Thought he should get some recognition. Wasn’t sure which catagory his site should fall under, though.

From the site:
The James Randi Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996. Its aim is to promote critical thinking by reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today.

The Foundation’s goals include:

* Creating a new generation of critical thinkers through lively classroom demonstrations and by reaching out to the next generation in the form of scholarships and awards.
* Demonstrating to the public and the media, through educational seminars, the consequences of accepting paranormal and supernatural claims without questioning.
* Supporting and conducting research into paranormal claims through well-designed experiments utilizing “the scientific method” and by publishing the findings in the JREF official newsletter, Swift, and other periodicals. Also providing reliable information on paranormal and pseudoscientific claims by maintaining a comprehensive library of books, videos, journals, and archival resources open to the public.
* Assisting those who are being attacked as a result of their investigations and criticism of people who make paranormal claims, by maintaining a legal defense fund available to assist these individuals.

To raise public awareness of these issues, the Foundation offers a $1,000,000 prize to any person or persons who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability of any kind under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions. This prize money is held in a special account which cannot be accessed for any purpose other than the awarding of the prize.

Amanda Wheatcroft says:

NOMINATE: Applications & Widgets: MindTouch Deki W

MindTouch Deki Wiki is the most popular vendor backed wiki. It is free open source software (FOSS) and is commonly used for online communities, collaboration, or for building collaborative web applications. It’s built completely on open standards (XHTML, JSON or PHP). It was the first OSI-approved commercially supported open source wiki (released under GPL 2), and is now the only open wiki platform. It has the most complete API that features 99 REST based methods and a web-service extension model that makes it possible to create mashups with many other applications, widgets, and/or data stores such as: third party services like Google Maps, Digg, Flickr, YouTube, MySQL, widgets from WidgetBox, etc.

Deki Wiki is language-agnostic, allowing developers to write code in whatever programming language they choose, and runs on .NET or Mono, making it PLATFORM-independent as well. You can see it here on Microsoft’s Open Source community & partnership page:

Deki Wiki has a thriving community of about 2,000 ‘Gardeners’ who have translated Deki Wiki into seven languages, submitted code patches, and created numerous extensions for popular third party applications and services. It is the most popular commercially-supported open wiki in the market by a big margin. MindTouch has an install base over 100,000 and continues to gain momentum. Year-to-year growth has been an astounding 2300%.

You can validate these numbers by consulting the following sources:
• Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Team Collaboration and Social Software, 2007
• Sourceforge.Net statistics:

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