EMI Might Not Like The RIAA Very Much

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Kevin Stapp writes in to point to the rumor making the rounds that EMI is considering scaling back how much it supports the RIAA and IFPI financially. While this is positioned mainly as a cost-savings move, it could have much larger ramifications. EMI, of course, has actually been shifting slowly away from some of the more troubling positions of the RIAA. It was the first major label to sell DRM-free tracks on iTunes. More importantly, it was recently taken private by a private equity firm, whose bosses don’t seem beholden to the old way of doing business, and are willing to rethink the business. For example, when Radiohead began its experiment with “name your own pricing,” the CEO of that private equity firm used it as a call to action for the company to start thinking creatively about new ways to distribute music — rather than trying to diminish its importance as the other record labels did.

If EMI lowers its funding of the RIAA and the IFPI it’s basically an (all too late) admission, that the strategies of those two organizations are not helping EMI achieve its long term goals. This shouldn’t be surprising, as it’s been obvious for nearly a decade now that the RIAA’s focus was solely on short-term goals at the expense of any long-term vision. Many people have pointed this out over the years, and people would respond that the RIAA was simply doing what the labels wanted it to do (even if those actions, like pissing off a huge number of fans) was incredibly damaging to the labels’ own long-term prospects. EMI pulling back funding shows that even it no longer thinks the RIAA’s actions are in its best interests.

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Comments on “EMI Might Not Like The RIAA Very Much”

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GeneralEmergency (profile) says:

Good start, but...

…I’m waiting for the tipping point where the non-RIAA/IFPI labels and independants will band together and create an “RIAA Free” trade mark that must appear on CD packaging and next to individual download listings so CONSUMERS can help hasten the demise of these despised organizations.

And then I’ll start wanting to see the country of origin of all gasoline I pump into my car at the pump, too!

Wolferz (profile) says:

And the winds of change begin to blow...

It was inevitable that something like this would happen. Indie artists were first and they were over looked. Major established artists were next and people took note. Judges are no longer blindly accepting the RIAAs lies. Now an entire label is signaling it’s discontent with RIAA practices. This I take as a firm signal that a turning point in this war has been reached.

“Blow, wind! come, wrack!” indeed…

Steve says:

RIAA and Online

If they had embraced online 10 years ago, they be making billions off of it and nobody would bat an eyelash about it. Instead they tried to convince everyone that it was inferior and when that didn’t work they attacked it. One fine day a workable business model is going to emerge and someone is going to say to themselves…
“we should have implemented this a decade ago.”

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