Google Ordered To Reveal Blogger's IP In Israel

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Someone who prefers to remain anonymous writes in to let us know that: "An Israeli court has ordered Google to reveal the identity of a blogger that uses Google’s own blogging platform, Blogger. The blogger accused a Shaarei Tikva comity member of illegal acts all through his blog posts. Google objected to the request claiming freedom of speech, however the court sided with the plaintiff and said that since the plaintiff is a public figure running for reelection, he is allowed to confront his accuser and clear his name." Google did, apparently, try to reach the blogger in question who did not respond, and the company only needs to hand over an IP address — which isn’t necessarily the blogger’s “identity,” though it could lead to it. There’s nothing wrong with a court requiring a service provider to cough up identifying information on someone who has broken the law — but it gets into very tricky territory when it comes to things like libel. We recently covered a number of similar cases in the UK where the results were the same — but a case in the US had the judge determine that the anonymous speech was protected and the person shouldn’t be revealed. It seems likely that we’re only going to see more of these cases over time — and questions about jurisdiction are only going to make them more confusing. What if the blogger in this case actually resides in the US, for example?

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Comments on “Google Ordered To Reveal Blogger's IP In Israel”

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Danglerose says:

Re: Here's an idea...

I appreciate the simplicity of your approach, but with the apathy already rampant in our society (and others) we need to encourage people to speak out, and then rely on our own grey matter to separate fact from fiction. I am willing to tolerate infinite rudeness if it leads to the news that we need being brought out into the open since the established media outlets seem less and less inclined and able to do so. Stick and stones, eh..?

atomatom says:

“Isn’t the blogger doing business in the USA since Google is in the US? Does Google need to obey an Israeli court?”

Really, it’s both. The blogger is doing business with a US company… but Google is accessed in Israel. It’s complicated, but I suppose it’s sort of like Google is shipping a product to Israel that has to comply with Israeli regulations.

angry dude says:


Hey, Mikey

You know my IP, don’t you ?

Now try to get a name… Good luck with that…

Hint: if you post through a proxy firewall the only way to get a computer and person id is by using a court ordered subpoena on firewall logs – a highly unlikely event unless you do something really really stipud, like threaten some high-ranking government official etc.

Shun says:

Doing business in Israel

Fortunately, or not, when you do business in a foreign country, you need to abide by their laws. If a blogger starts his blog in Israel, it makes Google into a “doing business in Israel site”. This is true of all commercial law. As long as some company puts its goods into the “Stream of Commerce” any court can claim jurisdiction.
There are famous U.S. cases about this practice. Most notably, International Shoe v. Washington (326 U.S. 310 (1945)). The question should be: “Is Google ‘doing business’ by making blogspot available to people in Israel?” Are they making any money from blogspot? Probably.

There is precedent for blocking IP addresses coming from foreign IP’s. Notice Torrentspy’s decision to block all U.S. originating IP addresses. This would turn Google into a non-world-wide phenomenon (offer not available in certain countries, YMMV). Of course, the horse is already out the gate, in this case, so it won’t help this Anonymous Blogger.

Google can whine and go to the U.S. government. We’ll see what happens after that. This could get interesting.

lost_monkey says:

Doing business in Israel

“Isn’t the blogger doing business in the USA since Google is in the US? Does Google need to obey an Israeli court?”

“how will israel enforce any ruling on google when all there assets are in the US? Israel cant do anything unless they were to come to the us with weapons and say google give us the ip address.”

All Israel has to do is ban google’s ip from their country much like China has done several times, and Google will change their tone. It would be difficult to prove Google is “wrong” by not coughing up the IP, but you can’t stop Israel from banning Google either.

Chuckthebull says:


Calling psychopaths like Nettyyahoo gets you abused by the state…these tyrannical maniacs want full scale dominance and control, the slander idea being used to silence criticism of the state is another scummy tactic of the fascist class.
abusing the law to force compliance with these shills and corrupt political establishment whores in USrAel.

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