Is The IndiaTimes Website Bombarding Visitors With Malware?

from the can't-be-good-for-repeat-business dept

While it’s well known that less well known sites may have been set up to maliciously install malware on your computer, most people assume (reasonably so) that larger, more well known sites are most likely safe to visit. However, one security firm is out raising the alarm that the English-language website of the India Times, a popular newspaper in India (which we’ve linked to multiple times in the past), is apparently chock full of risky pages that exploit various security vulnerabilities to try to download hundreds of malware apps to your computer. The security firm apparently first noticed this a few weeks ago, but didn’t realize the severity until now. What’s unclear from the description is how this is actually happening. We’ve heard stories in the past of scammers hacking into ad servers and serving malicious code that way, but there’s no real indication that that’s what’s happening in this case.

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Comments on “Is The IndiaTimes Website Bombarding Visitors With Malware?”

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Devang (profile) says:

They just don't know any better

All Indian newspaper websites have had a terrible pop-up problem almost since their inception (,, even the Times of India/India Times) which has begged the question, when will they hire competent web-design people instead of people who likely think more ads in places that people don’t want is good for business.

Max Powers at (user link) says:


Maybe a little off topic but does anyone know or believe that my anti-virus software suite (McAfee) which expires in 2 weeks would or could send a Trojan to me, then pop up and clear the Trojan as a way to get me to renew?

I ask because of the timing of this. I have never had a Trojan appear in the past year. Now after they have been bugging me to renew for the last 30 days (and me not responding yet) this just happens to occur. Any thoughts?

Rich Kulawiec says:

Beat the rush: blacklist them now

The India Times has been a haven for spammers, phishers,
scammers, etc. for many years — which is no doubt why a
quick check here shows them on 14 of the first 20 blacklists
that I checked.

Of course, from the outside looking in, it’s not possible to
ascertain whether this is the result of pervasive incompetence
or systemic collusion. Not that it matters, really: the end result
is the same — and so is the fix.

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