Facial Recognition Software To Tell People They Look Too Young To Smoke

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In the aftermath of 9/11, facial recognition software was a hot topic for a while. The idea was that it could be used to help catch criminals and terrorists as they wandered through cities or airports. There was just one little problem: it didn’t work. And, by didn’t work, I don’t mean it sorta worked some of the time. I mean, it didn’t work at all. The places that tested it out soon ditched it as a total waste of time and money. It turns out that making an exact match on faces is not an easy problem, and while the technology may eventually reach that point, it’s nowhere near close enough to be useful for things like finding terrorists. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other scenarios, and over in Japan it appears that they’re about to put facial recognition to the test as a way of stopping kids from smoking. Yes, one company has integrated facial recognition software with cigarette vending machines, so that it will not sell you your pack of smokes if you happen to have a babyface. You can wonder how effective this might be (my guess: not very effective), but it’s still interesting to see those behind facial recognition software looking for different markets where the results don’t need to be as perfect.

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Comments on “Facial Recognition Software To Tell People They Look Too Young To Smoke”

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Michael Whitetail says:

It wouldnt be difficult to detect a picture being held in front of the sensor as the software is designed to scan a 3 dimensional object, and a 2 dimensional picture wouldn’t look like a ‘face’ to the sensor at all despite being a picture of a face.

Wearing a mask would be harder to detect, but adding a simple thermo sensor to the system would help identify things holding heat back like clothing, plastics, and other non permeable things on the face. Though movie quality latex prosthetics would be a bitch to catch unless you could somehow detect the latex itself.

scornythebeaver says:

Go Old Fashoined: Get a fake ID

If someone is so addicted to smoking to don “movie quality latex” then they deserve to have the smokes no matter what age they are.
But that being said if they could manage to purchase the high-quality material, there will not be a whole lot of money left over for cigarettes, I’m sure.

However, if they can’t get past the sensor, they will just have to do it the old fashioned way: either get a fake ID or count on a minimum-wage teenager working at a convenience store who probably doesn’t give a shit about who they sell cigarettes to.

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