Comcast Will Fire Employees For Admitting That Comcast Uses Sandvine?

from the what-are-you-hiding? dept

We still can’t figure out why Comcast doesn’t just come right out and admit what it’s doing in jamming certain kinds of traffic. It’s not like it’s a secret any more — and the longer Comcast tries to play dumb on this, the worse it looks for the company. The oddest part, though, is that Comcast won’t even admit that it’s using Sandvine’s traffic shaping equipment — even though Sandvine clearly lists Comcast as a customer and has used them as a reference customer in news articles. Even worse, though is that Comcast has apparently now issued a bunch of ridiculous talking points to customer service reps about this issue. Apparently, the customer service folks are being told that if they deviate from the script, they risk getting terminated. The script even includes how to respond to a point blank question about Sandvine, refusing to admit what appears to be public knowledge at this point. It’s not at all clear what Comcast thinks it gains in acting this way. It seems to have only made an awful lot of customers quite angry at the company. Lucky for Comcast, though, that the US broadband market is such a disaster many customers have nowhere else to go.

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Comments on “Comcast Will Fire Employees For Admitting That Comcast Uses Sandvine?”

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Matt says:

Whoa is me...

I’ve got Comcast in my neck of the woords, and they’re the only option available so I have tough choices. I’ve looked everywhere else, even considered getting fixed wireless – but I don’t have line of sight. I’ve even considered getting a T1 installed, but the cheapest I can find is $349/month.

If only we had some sort of free market where natural competition would take care of the consumer. Instead, all I’ve done so far is write them some emails and hoping that enough of them come in that they’ll at least acknowledge this.

BTW – if anyone has any other options for another ISP I’m all ears, I’d cancel the whole thing except I work from home quite a bit.

anonymous coward says:

Re: Re: Whoa is me...

Do you limit heavy bandwidth users?
As is standard with other Internet Service Providers, WildBlue ensures that its service operates at optimum speeds for all of its customers. Since WildBlue is a shared network, we have a Fair Access Policy to ensure that extraordinary usage by a few customers doesn’t negatively affect the normal usage of other customers. For the vast majority of users, the Fair Access Policy has no effect on their usage. For a few very heavy bandwidth users, the system may restrict their bandwidth and therefore their speed. See WildBlue’s Fair Access Policy.

another matt says:

Re: Whoa is me...

well I don’t know what options you have other than satellite which is limited and/or trying to get your neighborhood (if you have one/not too rural) to sign up with some provider or creating your own muni one (those work well), but I’d look at and they have a search at the top that looks for providers in your area (lists like telcos/munis/private hosts/etc)

Nismoto says:

Re: Whoa is me...

You probably won’t like this but… what about DIAL-UP?
Without knowing where “your neck of the woods” is it would be hard to suggest viable options.

If you are having this dilemma, then your neighbors probably are too. Couldn’t you guys pitch in for a T1 or satellite internet service? Then you guys could manage your own network.

Krisztina Horn says:

Re: Whoa is me...

I’ve heard of HughesNet as being a possibility for some. Your satellite provider may also be a possibility (if you have a satellite provider).

You don’t have to have line of sight for wireless like Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile wireless networking. You may want to look that way again (technologies are always improving.)

Hope this helps!

Jason says:

Re: Follow the money

Of course it’s money but why is it so puzzling why they would block/throttle/shape traffic it and then spin it? They’re resisting building out their infrastructure because the capital investment would affect their margins more right now than this story. Firstly, who else are many of us going to go with? Secondly, I would assume they would rather cater to the non-tech crowd anyway who do not do such things as use P2P, watch long streaming movies and shows online and tie up their customer support lines knowing what they’re talking about. Until this hits their bottom line through legal channels or a significant drop in subscribers they’ll continue to spin it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see their talking points become an admission with justification of supporting the core of their subscriber base.

Or they may just revert to raving madmen and blame the president.

Neal says:

Are you kidding?

Why don’t they admit it? What does Comcast think it has to gain? Look no further than the White House, our Commander in Chief, and a chunk of our leadership for an idea. They lie, cheat, steal, loot both Iraq AND our own treasury, violate and erode our constitution, our rights, the very principles our country stands for. Yet, instead of being removed from office and executed for treason, they gleefully continue on lining their pockets at the expense of our country and our children. Why, how? Deny, deny, deny and the dumb, lazy, gullible populace will sit back and take it.

Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Re: Re: Are you kidding?

“Twas ever thus” quoth the moonbat.

There’s not a spit’s worth of difference
between the two major political parties
or their administrations. If either of
them cared half as much about the country
as they do for their party we’d be much
better off.

Back on topic… Hey, how about the billions
of dollars in federal funds spent to improve
internet connectivity in rural areas? My,
that worked out well.

Anonymous Peter says:

They block ABC and NBC VOD streaming here (they’re testing it out to see how much pain customers are willing to accept), forget Netflix Watch Now. What’s more, they’re running ads for how much faster they are than DSL, which is like a kick in the jimmies. Options are Clearwire (WiFi or WiMAX?) or DSL. I might as well pack it in and return to the freewheelin’ days of dial up.

chris (profile) says:

p2p or hollywood... tough choice for comcast

comcast is in a tough spot… selling internet access makes them money and p2p creates *much* demand for internet access.

however, their core business is cable, meaning they need content deals from hollywood.

hollywood hates p2p, so comcast must hate p2p as well lest it lose out on sweet content deals from hollywood.

so, comcast has to decide between p2p and internet access sales, or hollywood and content deals. i’ll bet they make more from cable TV, hence the blocking of P2P.

they won’t admit it because p2p is the reason that half of their internet service customers are signed up in the first place.

Musui says:


We recently switched to Verizon Fios- and we switched in just the nick of time it appears. I was already upset with the poor service we received (the signal would drop out with out explanation), but this blocking is too much. Not only that, but Fios is a little bit faster.

Whether someone uses BT for legal or illegal purposes is up to them- Comcast shouldn’t have to block it. And if they are forced to due to some agreement with Hollywood, they should state so. Paying 50 dollars a month only to find out after the fact that you’re getting crippled services is unacceptable. God help me if Fios follows suit….

ChronoFish (user link) says:

Re: Fios

“…We recently switched to Verizon Fios- and we switched in just the nick of time it appears. I was already upset with the poor service we received (the signal would drop out with out explanation), but this blocking is too much. Not only that, but Fios is a little bit faster.

Yup – I dropped Cox Communications last month in favor of Verizon FiOS. See my post here:


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: comcast

Rather than feed the hype machine, why doesn’t Comcast just come clean? Their hard earned reputation has already gone down the drain!

I get the feeling even working for Comcast (CSR – Bay Area, CA) that they don’t really care about the service they provide just as long as people just bend over and take it in the arse. IMHO, I feel violated with this policy. No ISP should have the right to comb through my traffic and decide what should be delivered or what should be rejected or delayed. Imagine what it would be like if the US Postal Service started reading the return addresses on my mail and determining which mail I should be receiving and what I should not. I would boycott Comcast for this but unfortunately in my city at&t hasn’t done a U-Verse rollout and their DSL sucks. And I say this despite getting the 8.0 Mbps account for $10/month as an employee.

Neal says:


Actually I suggested the President, along with a huge group of the Administration, the Congress, and the Senate should be removed from office and executed for treason for what they are doing to this country while lining their pockets and “protecting” us.

That suggestion implies two things in his case, he is removed from office for his crimes – meaning he would no longer be president, and that he is tried and convicted of the crimes he’s committed against this country. There is nothing criminal, nothing illegal, about my suggestion.

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