Die Hard Packages Digital Copy With Its DVD

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In a special edition of its upcoming release of the latest Die Hard DVD, 20th Century Fox has announced that it will include a DRM-free digital version of the movie on the DVD. In order to copy the WMV file to a local computer, movie watchers will need to input a 16 digit code that is found on the DVD box. It seems ironic to require people to enter some code to get at the supposedly DRM-free file. This is a step in the right direction, but it still seems like they’re making people jump through unnecessary hoops. Still, this feature will finally allow consumers to legally watch the movie on their computer and portable devices without having to pay again for that right… or having to use a third party ripping tool. Perhaps this move is more evidence that the studios find the DMCA unreasonable. As we’ve seen before, by embracing these formats, consumers will begin to find more value from the media, and, as a result, their consumption should increase, which is ultimately good for the entire movie industry.

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Comments on “Die Hard Packages Digital Copy With Its DVD”

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Chronno S. Trigger says:

DRM-free my A$$

“…that can be played on a computer and select portable video players.”

“…Windows-based computers or portable video players equipped with Microsoft Windows’ PlaysForSure feature…”

“…either the computer’s hard drive or a connected PlaysForSure video player…”

If I remember past articles from here, PlaysForSure is just another name for their DRM. Small step indeed.

Lee F. Wilson says:

Something doesn't smell right.

I have my doubts as to whether this will really be DRM-free. If they really wanted to go DRM-free they could easily just leave the encryption off the regular MPEG-2 video already on the DVD. Instead they embed a special windows-only “Digital Copy application” on a second disc that will only produce a file in a format that supports DRM (WMV) and only on a computer platform that supports DRM (Windows) and only copy it to a device that supports DRM (Microsoft’s PlaysForSure). That sure seems like a lot of required DRM support for something that supposedly doesn’t need it. Something stinks.

Vincent Clement says:

Not Giving Their Customers What They Want

I would love a DRM-free copy-protection free DVD movie. In fact, why not include a DivX or Xvid version so that I can burn to a DVD to play on my kids portable DVD player? Do that, and I’ll buy more DVDs.

Instead I get stuck with DVDs that won’t play in several DVD players, forcing me to rip a copy with all DRM, copy protection and extras removed. And the RIAA and MPAA wonder why people are downloading content for free?

Anonymous Coward says:

I was going to buy it either way, but usually I buy it and then download it off Piratebay to put on my media pc. I am totally stoked! Now I hope they re-release the other 3 the same way…in fact that could be a new market! Re-release the old movies with a digital copy, but I prefer AVI or DIVX. Now to be totally honest…I already have a copy of the movie in digital form, but I am going to still buy the DVD.

4-80-sicks says:

Read carefully!

Nowhere does the post say “jumping through hoops.”

Also, I don’t think the “Digital Copy application” is actually a program, it’s probably more like a batch file that says “put this file on the hard drive/player.” I’m as suspicious as anyone of rootkit shenanigans etc., but this doesn’t sound like it runs a program except to permit circumvention of the copy protection. And yes, it is still DRM, albeit slightly more convenient than what we’ve seen in the past. (good one, Tod)

For the Mac users: it probably won’t work as prescribed on your computer. But if you can get it on your hard drive some other way, there’s a free plugin for Quicktime, called Flip4Mac, that lets WMVs play in Quicktime. (but this does not work for iPods)

U all SUC says:

Morons on usenet and torrent

Poor babies… all of you that are crying that this is not exactly the way I want it… boo f’n hoo! All of you that download the movies and refuse to go pay anything for it, YOU are the reason that not may good movies have been comming out, every time that you do it, the industry says they refuse to take a chance due to the fact that it is an industry THEY are in it to make MONEY!!! If you refuse to pay anything for it, then they wont make money, if they don’t make money, they won’t make more… see the issue u f’n morons!

Offsprung says:

Why do Fn Morons always see others as themselves?

Who said they wanted it for free? how is BUYING a dvd getting it free? The point of this is to get a digital copy of it that keeps up with todays needs. Instead of buying and ripping or downloading to get a digital copy have it come with the PURCHASED media!

DRM Free does not mean NO MONEY!

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