Acer, Gateway Continue To Roll Up Every Has-Been PC Maker

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Anyone have a circa 1993 copy of Computer Shopper magazine/catalog out there? You might want to open to any random old page and see who Gateway is going to merge with next. Back in August, Acer announced plans to buy Gateway — and while the announcement included some info about intentions to also roll Packard Bell into the deal, that part of the deal has only just been confirmed. Basically, Acer is giving Gateway the money to buy Packard Bell, which will then be included in the Acer acquisition. Of course, Gateway also bought eMachines a few years back, though that’s one company that didn’t exist back in the 1993 Computer Shopper era. However, if you do remember Computer Shopper in those days, it was dominated by ads from these companies, along with Dell and Micron. Are there still any other mostly forgotten also-ran PC makers from the early 90’s that are available for the new Acer/Gateway/PackardBell to buy?

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Comments on “Acer, Gateway Continue To Roll Up Every Has-Been PC Maker”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I owe everything I know about computers to Packard Bell. Thanks to them I know how to change out memory, a power supply, a cd player, and fan….then I found out that after all that I could have bought a real computer that works for less than I paid to try and keep that POS running. I also owned a 73 pinto…so basically I am an expert at anything that beeps or explodes.

Mike B says:

Packard Bell

I used to work for Packard Bell, so I’m really getting a kick out of these replies..

Wait, wrong site.

But I really did, back around ’98. I learned the majority of my PC troubleshooting skills doing phone tech support for them. Once you knew how to finagle those machines, they really weren’t too bad, but I felt bad for the end user who didn’t have our resources.

As for computer companies to Kaypro still around to buy? My first PC was an 8088 Kaypro…

jeremiah hoffman says:


i’m commenting from a new gateway c-140x, that has replaced my old acer c301xci (both are 14′ tablets). the first, second, and third computers to enter my house were packard bells (i was a little kid then) they ran well and did what we needed. i sold my last PB to a friend about 4 years ago and i think he still uses it occasionally. acer buying gateway is what sealed the deal for me to buy this, my current convertable notebook. i’ve had nothing but gexcellent experince with both acer and gateways customer support and tech support. i hope the merger goes through and that out of it comes a company better able to compete with the juggernauts of Dell and HP. Hopefully they wont end up like emachines (my grandfathers first and second pc)

Eric the Grey says:

Re: Re:

Man, I must have been the only one who’s Packard bell computer worked. Certainly, as it got older, it needed upgrades, but that was by my choice, not due to the fact that it was breaking down.

As a matter of fact, it was my first comp, lowly little 75mhz Pentium running dos and windows 3.11. Those were the days.


Arena Creative Stock Imagery (profile) says:

Re: Re:

YES! I had a Canon that we bought at the store Lechmere’s!!! That store is LONG GONE. It was a 486, and the thing still works. It’s got DOS and Windows 3.1 on it, and the original hard drive is still working. Amazing…

All of google and this is the only instance of text I could find on Canon desktop computers.

Anonymous Coward says:

My first computer was a PCs Limited, bought in 1987.

It was a 286 that ran at the blazing speed of 8MHz, and had 1K of RAM, the max available. All DOS could use was 640K, so I used the balance for a disk cache (smartdrv). Hard drive was a whopping 20MB – I thought I’d never be able to fill that sucker up. It was very reliable.

PCs Limited later changed it’s name to Dell.

windows 10 roll-up KB3172985 KB3172988 says:

rollup KB3172985 KB3172988 emachine

if you have an emachine – dont install it; MS has screwed up the replacement updated for KB3172985; KB3172988. While KB3172985 install / fail / uninstalls every time I turn on my PC (45 min cycle) KB3172988 absolutely fails – had to do a system restore to get it working again. Be prepared!

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