Family Conversations More Likely To Include 'LOL' Than 'Pass The Butter, Please'

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While you need to take this study with a large grain of salt, since it was paid for by T-Mobile (who has a vested interest in the results saying what they say), it does have a ring of truth to it that parents and kids often find it easier to communicate these days using various electronic means of communications. Rather than spending quality time around the dinner table, the study suggests that more tech savvy parents (and grandparents) are able to not just stay in touch with, but relate to, their kids much better by using the same electronic communication tools those kids are used to using with their friends. There will be some, of course, who find this troublesome, but if it actually does allow for better lines of communication within a family, that certainly seems like a good thing.

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Comments on “Family Conversations More Likely To Include 'LOL' Than 'Pass The Butter, Please'”

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r. lipschitz says:

Ahem, I think you have made a little logical mistake. Of course, even if the hypothesis is true that parents can more easily communicate with kids using electronic media, this certainly does not appear to be a “good thing” because it is the electronic media in the first place – as the main argument goes – that has rendered normal discussion non feasible.

barrenwaste (profile) says:

My family still spends evey holiday together, all the aunts and uncles, neices and nephews, cousins, and that wierd couple that we really don’t know how they are related to us. I’m 30 years old, and still get together with my brother, his wife and kid, and my mom and pops at least once a month for a sit down meal, cards, and a beer or two. It’s not that electronic media is changing the family dynamic, it’s just that sociatel mores are changing and the electronics businesses are capitalizing on the changes. People just don’t care as much about family these days. Sad, but true.

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