FBI Investigating Unisys For Not Preventing US Gov't Computers From Getting Hacked

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Following the stories of Chinese hackers breaking into US Defense Department computers, it appears that the FBI is investigating Unisys for its inability to prevent those and other hacks. Apparently, the government is paying Unisys $1 billion to manage the computer systems for the Department of Homeland Security — which would include preventing them from being hacked. Unisys, for its part, claims that its intrusion protection system worked and it reported the security incidents. Of course, from the sound of things, the hacks still occurred so whatever “warnings” Unisys sent didn’t quite do the job. Of course, the FBI isn’t really one to talk about the inability to keep computer systems working.

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Comments on “FBI Investigating Unisys For Not Preventing US Gov't Computers From Getting Hacked”

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aspir8or (user link) says:

So who is responsible?

This has huge implications for software vendors and maintainers. If the FBI succeed in their case, Microsofts promotion of Vista as their most secure os to date must leave them wide open to lawsuits from users who believe these claims enough to not add 3rd party security products and subsequently find their pcs are now parts of giant botnets.

Steven Ashley (user link) says:

Defense Department Incapable Of Maintaining Securi

By having the FBI investigate (blame) Unisys, is the U.S. Defense Department admitting here, that they are technically incapable of setting up and maintaining security standards on their own computers, and they rely on contractors to set, and maintain the security standards. If that is the case, we all need to be afraid, very afraid.

These are the same people responsible for maintaining the security around our Nuclear Arsenal. What happens the next time Chinese hackers access Defense Department computers, could make 9/11 look like an Ice Cream Social.

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