Forget Flight Simulator Training Pilots, How About A Dump Truck Simulator For Miners?

from the now-there's-an-idea dept

We’ve seen stories over the years about how applications like Microsoft’s Flight Simulator not only are attracting a new generation of pilots to take up flying, but are getting them started with many more skills than those who haven’t used Flight Simulator. It appears other industries may be taking notice. Apparently the industrial heavy equipment maker Caterpillar is pushing simulators of its earth movers, excavators and dump trucks as a way to better train miners to use that equipment. Using simulators to train people is nothing new, obviously — but what’s interesting is the undercurrent to the promotion, noting that there just aren’t enough skilled operators of the equipment these days. However, by making it more fun via the simulators, perhaps they can attract more people to become skilled operators. The article notes how much fun a bunch of “hardened miners” were having playing with the simulators at a mining convention, to the point that they were “giggling like children.” So perhaps we’ll start seeing more “fun” simulations of other jobs that are having trouble attracting skilled practitioners.

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Comments on “Forget Flight Simulator Training Pilots, How About A Dump Truck Simulator For Miners?”

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stephen says:

other simulators i'd like to see

1. alaskan crab fisherman simulator. instead of vibrating when you do something wrong, the controller tears off one of your fingers.

2. bill buckner game six 1986 world series simulator. the simulation lasts one play. if you blow it, the controller sends you death threats and you and your family have to move.

3. crack whore simulator. if you do something wrong, the controller fucks you up.

4. quark’s bar holosuite. whether you do something wrong or right the controller sucks away your latinum. unless the controller is really odo, in which case your problems are probably going to be magnified.

5. jekyll simulator. great game until you turn into hyde, if only because after you turn back you realize that hyde has once again forgotten to tell you where he put the controller.

Anonymous Coward says:

“Anyone read Enders Game? Lets just hope the simulation isn’t controlling a real life dump truck. Someone will be like, what happens if I drive off this cliff?”

Hey, nothing wrong with driving a truck or two off a cliff. Gives the guys working in salvage crews and truck factories something to do. You trying to put people out of work or something?

technofear (profile) says:

Trains as well as trucks

I was very disappointed when one of the multi-nationals our company contracts to decided not to upgrade its train simulator. Is used to train new drivers and current drivers on new track sections.

Much more invloved than you would think, is very easy to break a 2-3Km long train.

The multi-national instead decided to make the trains remote controlled (using our devices). So, hopefully I will not need a simulator, I will get to drive a train via a remote desktop client.

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