Turns Out The MPAA Did Get Access To TorrentSpy Execs' Email

from the ethically-challenged dept

The MPAA has been pushing the courts to force TorrentSpy to spy on its users — something TorrentSpy refuses to do, noting that it would break their own privacy policy and is simply ethically questionable. It should come as no surprise, of course, that the MPAA has no such qualms. In fact, it came out today that the MPAA had, in fact, been snooping through TorrentSpy’s executives’ emails. So, which organization looks more ethically challenged? This stems from a case TorrentSpy filed last year, after finding out that a former co-worker gave the MPAA access to TorrentSpy emails. While a court has found that the MPAA’s actions did not violate wiretap laws, it’s still pretty questionable. What appears to have happened, is that a former TorrentSpy employee who had access to the company’s email system set it up so all executives’ emails also forwarded to a gmail account he owned. He then sold access to that gmail account to people at the MPAA. Clearly, the MPAA knew that the TorrentSpy execs thought these emails were private, and yet they still eagerly paid up for access to them, which is really sleazy. TorrentSpy is appealing the case, but they’d probably have a much stronger case against the former employee who set up the email forwarding system in the first place.

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Comments on “Turns Out The MPAA Did Get Access To TorrentSpy Execs' Email”

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Re-Born says:

Re: It IS a good thing you have the bumper sticker

You totally saved my life man, I just want you to know that. I was so depressed about the MPAA’s unethical pratices, there touting the laws and my constitutional rights to privacy, and getting away with it I was pretty sure it was the downfall of this country.

I was so depressed I had decided to kill myself. Life just didnt seem worth living anymore.

THEN I read how you have had an anti-MPAA BUMPERSTICKER since high school, and I thought…”WOW!!!!! Someone else out there gets it, and they are fighting the good fight!!!”

I decided that if you could fight the man, so could I. Decided that life might actually be worth living after all. I mean, i someone is willing to go so far as buying a BUMPERSTICKER and driving around with it since HIGH SCHOOL, like Whoa man. Thats heavy, ya know?

So I put away the 6 bottles of pills I was going to take, ran out and bought an anti-MPAA bumpersticker of my own, and have just been driving around with it and havent looked back since!!!

I know that ever single other person on earth would look at your anti-MPAA BUMPERSTICKER and go “what a tool. What a complete and total fucking loser. A BUMPERSTICKER? Really? Way to stick it to the man, oh my god what a worthless ass-hat this loser is.”

But you just ignore them. Next time you go out to your car and look at that pathetic and sad useless and futile gesture called a BUMPERSTICKER you put on your car you just say to yourself “Hey. My anti-MPAA BUMPERSTICKER that Ive been driving around with since high school saved somebodies life”.

Thank you man, thank you.

Anonymous Coward says:

“It’s ok for the MPAA to break laws, afterall they are big corporate America.

But no one else can. Well except politicians, and the RIAA, of course.”

well you should add celebs to that list, and might as well just add rich people in general, poor people too i guess when you think about it…..yep just another case that the middle class gets fucked over

Anonymous Coward says:

Should be illegal

Clearly, the MPAA knew that the TorrentSpy execs thought these emails were private, and yet they still eagerly paid up for access to them, which is really sleazy.

If intercepting these e-mails was illegal then paying for them should also be illegal. Kind of like if killing someone is illegal then paying someone for it should also be illegal.

D says:

Re: Re:

I’ve downloaded movies that I’ve later bought. Watching a movie on your computer is not the same as watching it with someone else in your TV room.

I watched Transformers in the theater, then downloaded (average quality version) to watch again two weeks later. I’ll buy it when it comes out. Is it worth the MPAAs time to come after me?

Wiretapping and fraud are a bit different than copyright infringement. Copyright infringement (for music/movies) is a POTENTIAL LOSS. Besides, movies like iRobot, had so many ads in them I feel I should have been paid to watch it.

Raptor85 (profile) says:


I wonder… Could this be considered copyright infringement since the private, internal emails are being duplicated without the owner’s consent and sold to the MPAA. It’s somewhat like the MPAA is buying bootleg emails.

Not that i know if that would hold up or not, it would just be sweet, sweet justice for someone to sue the MPAA for copyright infringement and win.

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