NY Times Launches My Yahoo Clone A Decade Late

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We were just wondering why the NY Times doesn’t seem to understand the basic workings of the internet, and perhaps the answer is just that they’re still a decade behind the rest of us. The company’s digital unit has now launched an offering called “My Times” which just about every observer is noting seems remarkably similar to MyYahoo, just more than a decade after Yahoo launched MyYahoo. The NY Times is hyping up the fact that the site will have NY Times reporters recommend their favorite sites, but that’s hardly compelling since it’s really not that difficult to find popular sites these days. I think there are some really fantastic reporters at the Times, but it seems that the people figuring out the company’s digital strategy need to update themselves to the current decade.

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Comments on “NY Times Launches My Yahoo Clone A Decade Late”

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dorpus says:


Their editors will keep writing their whiney editorials. When airports indiscriminately checked everyone, Maureed Dowd wrote her angry editorial about how resources were wasted on doing so, and that they should only frisk Arabs. Then when it turned out that airports do frisk Arabs more, she wrote her angry editorial about how Arabs are being singled out.

william says:

I thought all you whiny little “Pirating isn’t stealing” people would be pro NY Times. Considering how often you spout borderline communist ideas.

The Times is one of the last bastions of real reporting. And have been quietly improving their internet presence for some time. even if their editorials do leave something to be desired

Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

Re: The Times is one of the last bastions

I don’t think so.
This morning, I am reading the NYTimes waiting for venti and the front page is dedicated (again) to the rant and whine that the United States did not pick the NYTimes suggestion for President.

So for the last 7 years, I have had to put the NYTimes down in disgust. IF the NYTimes were truly objective, THEN there would have been at least one, one, one article or editorial on how things have gone right.

Come on! Bush won, get over it, moveon!
I swear it sounds like a bunch of babies whining about not getting their way for years.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The idea that people don’t own what they create seems really communist to me. You know, “To each according to his need”. And no private ownership.

You should go back and learn some economics. We’re not saying people don’t own what they create and that there’s no private ownership. Not at all. You seem to have misread what we write. We’re saying get rid of central gov’t protection and let the free market work out the mechanisms for payment. Your position, in favor of gov’t monopolies and gov’t subsidies seems a lot less capitalistic than our position.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:


Wow, there seems to be random replies to posts that I do not see here. And I doubt it is my browser since I have never missed any before but right I am seeing a reply to a post topic that just is not there.
Also see a lot of people replying to those who are talking about free music and pirating not being stealing.
Never saw a single person mention that either, main post obviously included.
Where are the random replies coming from people?
Because I honestly cannot figure it out.

Chuck Norris' Enemy (deceased) says:


Sometimes people add a descriptor in the subject when responding to an original post without a subject, in this case william’s posts. I don’t know about his random replies to music piracy but I am guessing he is having an argument in his own mind.

Liberals are communists! Environmentalists want to control how much energy you can use. They want to take from the strong and give to the weak. They want to equalize everything. That sounds pretty communist to me. Since some liberals tend to be godless, why don’t you believe in Darwinism and the survival of the species instead of making poor people parasites on the able.

On topic, the NY Times is teh suck!

barren waste (profile) says:

Last Bastion?

I haven’t seen a single news service, based in the USA, that was unbiased. Honostly I don’t think it’s possible. Everybody has some opinion on what is happening and the news services want to make money…so they pander to those opinions. The truly ironic thing is that most of thier bias comes out in favor of the democrats, when the services are themselves big business……and we all know who the tyrants of big business are, right?

Gohst of Carl Marx says:


William, how old are you? I am guessing college student, possibly high school and taking world history?

When you say communist, are you referring to socialism? While very similar in nature, communism is more specifically directed at societal class where as socialism is a broader, socio-economic principle. Maybe use collectivism in lieu of either term? Whatever tem you use, I think you may be miss-applying it. Or simply miss interpreting Mike’s comments and/or position.

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