Picking Baby Names Based On The Availability Of The Dot Com

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There are some really cool tools out there for people trying to come up with baby names, but apparently some parents are now mostly concerned about what names will have a URL available, so they can register it well before the kid is ever going to use it. This isn’t too surprising as a sign of the times, but it does make you wonder if there will be fewer and fewer of stories like the one found recently in the Washington Post of a guy who tried to find all the people around the world who shared his name. Given the combination of a more global communications system and the desire to have a place of your own online, the quest for truly unique names may become even more important.

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Comments on “Picking Baby Names Based On The Availability Of The Dot Com”

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Jeff (user link) says:


Well, at least there’s a simple solution to this. We just direct those sorts of parents to have abortions or to drown the children if they’re religious, that way that child won’t have to grow up as a personal fucking billboard for the parents. I’m sure being raised like that would at LEAST make you be into fucking corpses or get into crossdressing or something. We don’t need those kinda people walking around.

Alex Hagen says:

Thanks for the baby name link

I don’t have any comment on the main topic of this article, other to say that the book Freakonomics shows an inverse correlation between wierd names and future earning. Maybe it is not a causal link, but you might want to name your babies carefully just in case.

But I would like to thank Mike for the baby name website. That’s a very cool application, and will probably be useful for me in about 7 months.

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