One Day After VMWare IPO, Citrix Buys Into Virtualization

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We’re sure the timing of this is a total coincidence, but just one day after EMC subsidiary VMWare skyrocketed in its market debut, software maker Citrix systems has announced the purchase of Xensource, a privately held maker of virtualization technology. It’s hard to say whether Citrix got a good price on the $500 million deal, but considering the timing, you have to figure that Xensource was able to attract quite the premium. As Paul Kedrosky noted yesterday, the VMWare IPO seemed likely to spur the hunt for more such deals. Who knew things would get kicked off so quickly?

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Companies: citrix, emc, vmware, xensource

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Comments on “One Day After VMWare IPO, Citrix Buys Into Virtualization”

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DML says:

Lots of cheap money on the market...

I wouldn’t be surprised if the only reason the IPO was so huge was due to the $70 billion the Feds dropped on the market last week to ease up on credit fears. There’s a lot of cheap (inflated) money to be had on Wall Street, so while the stock opening is impressive, it’s not quite *that* impressive.

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