Limewire Becomes The Latest P2P Company To Try And Go Legit

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P2P company Limewire, one of the lucky recipients of an RIAA lawsuit following the Supreme Court’s Grokster decision, has announced that it’s going legit and trying to shed its image as a treasure trove of unauthorized content by opening a DRM-free music store. While it’s nice to see more companies become DRM-free music retailers, it’s hard to see Limewire succeeding where so many other P2P operators have failed. As Om Malik notes, plenty of them have gone down this path, and none of them have really seen any success. Their user bases simply shrug and move on to the next network — and there’s no sign that things will be any different for Limewire.

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Comments on “Limewire Becomes The Latest P2P Company To Try And Go Legit”

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GoblinJuice says:


By opening a music store (DRM-free or not), aren’t they admitting that the principle use of their software was to obtain music?

Couldn’t opening the store itself be used by a lawyer as proof that the company knew the primary reason people used their software was to obtain music?

Just a thought. Haven’t followed any of the news about Limewire.

Sanguine Dream says:

Re: 5th time lucky

That is funny isn’t it?

For decades people had no choice to constantly rebuy their music to keep up with technology and wear ‘n’ tear. The recording industry loved this fact. Why bother changing your business model when about 10-15 years the standard music format changes and people pretty much have to buy thier favorite music again to match the new standard or risk losing it forever? Well those days are long over with the coming of digital music. Not only is this new format easy to work with but you can even go back and convert your old vinyl, cassette, and cd collections to digital so you don’t even have to rebuy your current collections that are in those formats. It’s pretty safe to say that for next few decades the only thing that will change is the file type (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, etc…) and this has the recording industry wetting it’s collective panties.

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