Nonprofit Group Shows Misplaced Shock At The Fact That Google Video Has Copyrighted Content

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It’s fairly stunning how often people try to blame Google for something that isn’t its fault at all. Witness the latest coming from the nonprofit organization the National Legal and Policy Center. It’s claiming that, shocker of all shockers, there’s some infringing content hosted on Google’s video service. And, this organization which claims the reason they’re bringing up this important matter is because it’s “focused on ethics and accountability,” never bothers to actually understand what’s going on and who should actually be accountable. It’s not Google who is uploading the content here. The NLPC claims that this is a weak excuse but never bothers to explain how Google is supposed to know what content is up there on purpose with the support of the content owners and which isn’t. In fact, one of the movies that the NLPC lists is Michael Moore’s Sicko, which Michael Moore doesn’t seem to mind being online. The NLPC doesn’t explain how Google is supposed to police every single upload. It doesn’t explain why the service provider should be blamed for the actions of its users. That’s because it just wants to make a big statement and make Google look bad. And, to be honest, making such statements without understanding what’s actually going on for the purpose of smearing a company doesn’t seem particularly ethical or accountable for an organization that claims its focused on both things.

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Comments on “Nonprofit Group Shows Misplaced Shock At The Fact That Google Video Has Copyrighted Content”

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Anonymous Coward says:


I’m just waiting for the day that politicians start suing for losing elections.

A student suing his professor for assigning too much homework in class.

Maybe sports team suing for losing the championship.

An attacker suing his/her intended victim for fighting back with “execcesive” force.

And the sad part is two of those things I just listed have already happened…

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