Google Print Revival Still Kicking

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Late last year, Google announced that it would take another shot at selling ads for print media. The company had tried this once before with magazines, but the effort didn’t pan out particularly well. This time around, the service is for newspapers, and the company believes it may be working out a little better. After the initial trial, the company is ready to let more advertisers participate in the program. Participating newspapers say they’ve been fairly pleased with the offering, as the platform is allowing them to find new advertisers. Still, the platform can only accomplish so much. No advertising system is going to change the fact that the slump in the newspaper business is rapidly getting worse. And of course, print ads will never have other attributes that make Google’s traditional model appealing, such as the ease with which performance and ROI can be measured.

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Comments on “Google Print Revival Still Kicking”

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dorpus says:

Is there a market for altered news photos?

In Korea, where anti-Japanese sentiment is strong, a large birthday celebration held for a Korean pop star in Japan was shown with the Japanese flag digitally altered to erase the red sun. The company that handled the photo says it was an “accident”.

Noel Anonymous Coward says:


I suppose people still read newspapers, and will continue to do so for a few years, but Google’s efforts at this seem futile to me. It’s like taking an old 1905 crank telephone and trying to add a wi-fi, camera and GPS to it. Let newspapers die, Google, and focus on the next new thing. That’s Google’s strength.

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