Yahoo's Earnings Weakness Starting To Get Old

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It’s no secret that Yahoo’s performance has been pretty shabby of late, as it cost CEO Terry Semel his job. The company has tried to argue that its new Panama advertising platform would turn its performance around, but so there seems to be nothing doing. This evening, the company released its earnings, which look to be more of the same. Profits aren’t growing and there’s no sign that they’ll grow anytime soon. To be fair to Jerry Yang, he does deserve some time to right the ship, but as one analyst put it, “This is growing old.”

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Comments on “Yahoo's Earnings Weakness Starting To Get Old”

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Jake says:

Re: Just a reminder to Yahoo.

Google has nothing to do with pop-up ads. Its advertising model actually helps curb pop-up ads, and it clearly distinguishes advertised links fron search results via color coding (lt. blue) and location (right side of page). Have you ever used google? Did you EVER get a pop-up ad? Do a bit of reading if you have no experience and don’t know what you are talking about.

Paul` says:


Google is king. One day Google will head a planet wide government and will eliminate poverty and hunger and we shall live in peace for ever after.

Seriously though look at the Google landing page compared to MSN and Yahoo’s. Who wants lower quality searches mixed with a page crammed full of ad’s, useless news and just generally cluttered with junk when they can go to a nice clean and simple looking Google? Even when Google shoves ad’s down your throat they are usually relevant and still don’t clutter up the page.

Overcast says:

Remember when you decided to use Google as your search engine?

Then remember how you started using pop-up ads?

That is when I left you for Google. Because the difference was less of you shoving ads at me for crap I had no desire to buy.

I second that 100%.

Yahoo was nice when it loaded fast and was simple. Now it’s a bunch of ads and articles about hollywood garbage.

Right now – I just went to American Express Ad – among many others, Links to Celebrity Videos…. blah~

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