Non-Gambling Sports Betting Site Doesn't Last Too Long

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A few weeks ago, we mentioned the launch of, a sports betting website that was attempting to skirt anti-gambling laws by making payments voluntary. The reasoning of the site’s founders was that if players weren’t technically obliged to pay up on losing bets, then they weren’t actually gambling. Of course, the site had no assurances that the government would agree with its interpretation of the law, so the founders were literally putting their freedom on the line. Well, it didn’t take long for to get busted. Authorities in Washington state have seized the company’s computers (via Midas Oracle), as law enforcement officials felt that the site was in contravention of a 2006 law against online gambling. It’s not particularly surprising that authorities didn’t agree with’s interpretation of the law, although it is very surprising to learn that the site was operating out of Washington, because of all of the states, Washington has taken the hardest line against internet gambling. Gee guys, isn’t dealing with the federal gambling ban enough of a headache?

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Comments on “Non-Gambling Sports Betting Site Doesn't Last Too Long”

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jinx says:

makes you think

i underestimate people all the time, usually because i don’t have all the facts; but who starts a company in washington unless they do it on purpose??

i would venture to guess this was all done for a reason. choose a state with strict interpretation of said law, break law, go to court, lose, rinse/repeat, appeal to u.s. supreme court. i wonder if some digging would reveal financial backers involved with larger gambling operations. seems something is afoot

just a thought. you heard it here first.

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