eBay for 0-Day Unlikely To Hack it

from the bug-juice dept

This past week, a Swiss firm launched what could be described as an eBay for zero-day security vulnerabilities, an organized marketplace where security researchers or hackers can get paid for handing over their discoveries. The idea is that this site would present an alternative to existing black markets, whereby hackers trade in information that can be used for malicious purposes. There’s no doubt that the world of independent security researchers needs some help. Even those individuals that have legitimate aims can get into legal trouble, if it’s felt that they overstepped some bounds in doing their research. Unfortunately, this bug marketplace isn’t likely to improve the situation. Researchers will still be taking a risk anytime they do research, while those whose aims are less noble will still opt to monetize their research through shadier channels, particularly if the black market is deemed as more lucrative.

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Comments on “eBay for 0-Day Unlikely To Hack it”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Hrmm my botnet spread like wildfire with fake ebay auctions embeding files into it with there HTML editor to download my files will most likely come to an end…..*shrug.. oh well.. it was fun… never did anything malicious with it just wanted to see how many ip’s I could gain control of if I wanted. In one weekend alone it hit over 900. Just think if I deploy one at christmass time with what ever the hot item of the year is. Scary. And no I never got caught because I also found away around there credit card validation and set up fake accounts over proxy servers and could even set up a paypal account as well.
err wait I should sell that to the company…

John says:

Re: Re:

Yes because we all know the greatest hackers in the history of computing were English majors with impeccable grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

I doubt his story also but more because bragging on Techdirt isn’t something the owner of a botnet would do and not because he doesn’t have the mastery of the English language that you posses. Since when does English grammar and intelligence have any correlation? All the people in non English speaking countries aren’t intelligent?

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