Bill Gates Finally Hands Over World's Richest Man Crown

from the slim-pickens dept

Lists of the world’s richest people can tell you a lot about the changing economic zeitgeist. The rise of gambling executives in the 2006 list was a good indicator of the global appetite for risk and speculation. For many years, the top spot has gone to Bill Gates, whose fortune was based on the ubiquitous desktop computer. But it’s being reported today that Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim has passed Gates and taken over the top position. Slim’s rise is indicative of a few different trends. The fact that he’s not an American is further evidence (as if any were needed) that the US’ days as the sole economic powerhouse are numbered, if not gone. And the fact that he’s in telecom, wireless specifically, is a reminder that the phone is the central tech item for most of the world. Still, you can’t feel too sorry for Mr. Gates. His fortune remains at a comfortable $59.2 billion.

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Comments on “Bill Gates Finally Hands Over World's Richest Man Crown”

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PNess says:

“The fact that he’s not an American is further evidence (as if any were needed) that the US’ days as the sole economic powerhouse are numbered, if not gone”

LOL sure give monopolistic power over all the wireless companies and teleco’s to one person and you would see something worth around 200b+

guys also a scumbag who does not want to help anyone but himeself, says charity is worthless. lol no wonder everyone from mexico sneaks into the usa.

dorpus says:

It's better that way

It’ll shed more spotlight on the greater inequality of wealth in Latin America and the true capitalist pigs that live there.

Mathematical trivia of the day: Waiting times, e.g. the time one waits in line, or the time until the next person becomes the richest person in the world, follow a distribution called a Poisson Process. When I first learned it in school, it sounded counter-intuitive; but I tried plotting the waiting times between deaths in a U.S. state today, and the theory predicts reality almost perfectly.

Chuck (user link) says:


If you people acutally read the link from this site, to bbc’s website…

“Like Mr Gates, Mr Slim is well-known for his generous charity donations.”

@Coward above me.
In April, Forbes magazine estimated that Mr Slim was the world’s second-richest person behind Mr Gates and ahead of US billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

“Mr Slim is now worth $67.8bn (£33.6bn), above Microsoft founder Mr Gates’ $59.2bn, Sentido Comun says.”

“During the Latin American economic crisis of the early 1980s, Mr Slim made a name for himself – and substantial profits – by buying a number of struggling companies at very low prices before transforming their fortunes.”

Do your research before you RANT!!!

econo says:


some of the rants have a hint of truth but this guy isn’t all bad. Its just a sign of the times in developing contries where capitalistic development and advancement is outpacing government oversight and regulation. If the gov shortfalls are do to corruption or mismanagement or a different view on monopolistic power who’s to say. The guy is a monopoly and that wouldn’t stand well here in the states so his worth is like comparing apples to oranges because he is playing the same game but with different rules. He helps and hurts employment in his country. On one hand he takes struggling companies and revives them therefore creating wealth (for him and many others, including new employees) (much like private equity does and much like Buffet does…) but on the other hand he suppresses competition by dominating the industries and not allowing for a small company to get a foot hold. It is a rough balance. Think of the 1880 – 1930 in the US, Carniage was more powerful then president TR, so TR broke the company up. Same with standard oil and Bell… its a process, they are in many ways 80 years behind us.

Slim does not donate much to charity, but he clearified why recently. He is a firm believer in economic development as the main source of provery reduction. He believes that handouts create a codependant relationship which hinders the reduction of poverty do to donor instability. Charity money comes and goes, is redirected based on shifting opinions. It is to unstable to finish the job of pulling an entire country or people out of poverty. Industry, economic growth and sustainable development are the only non- zero sum game that has proven to work. Look at the 700 million pulled from poverty in China and look at southeast asia..

That is his perspective as I understand it.

Anonymous Coward says:

The wireless market is the only real competing market in Mexico, as it’s a LOT cheaper to own a cellular phone than a HOUSE. Also, it’s difficult to lay copper wire in places like El Salvador where locals dig up the copper and smelt it faster than you can lay it down. You want to talk about REAL expensive phone service? Try to get a FAX machine. It just ain’t happenin, unless you happen to have a FoIP service.

Triatomic Tortoise says:

Americans in Denial

Americans get into the state of denial at every instance someone from another place tops an American.

US growth is seriously slowing and people are turning to be bigots instead of helping the country to excel with an open mind. Many comments here reflect that sentiment.

Grow up and take the challenge. Leave your bible and sports truck behind. Embrace the reality and fight for excellence.

Andy Walker says:

Re: Re: Americans in Denial

We suffer from an a belief that we are better, our land is better, our schools are better, our version of god is better, we are just better…

Well the day has come when the world is flat and we aren’t better we are just one player in the game. We have been given a decent hand of cards, we are just doing a crappy job of playing them. So either step up and do your best or be pushed aside by someone who is more hungry.

Overcast says:

We suffer from an a belief that we are better, our land is better, our schools are better, our version of god is better, we are just better…

Well – where did ‘telecom’ originate?

As people – we aren’t any better, but as a nation – well, humanity existed for many, many years before the US – in that time, little advancement was made.

In 200 years, the US outpaced every other culture in the world.

It’s not that the people of the US are any better – but true freedom and free economy – we had up through the 80’s anyway, certainly are.

But yeah – with less freedom now than many countries – expect the lead the US had to wane – all thanks to our greedy politicians.

Alan says:

Re: Re:

“In 200 years, the US outpaced every other culture in the world. “

– so, you have evolved culturally….nice…good for you…

Now maybe you can fix the problems with your country…tiered health care…poverty….homelessness… but hey, ya know, ya got 200 years of that so called culture behind you.

why says:

Re: Re: WOW Problems every country has!

OK, first every country has those same problems. Second if all the people from other countries wouldn’t be sucking up our health care in our hospitals and emergency rooms, we would have better care. Don’t try to say its not true i sat in a emergency room for 9 hours with a sick heart patient and every Mexican in my city was seen fist from the simplest thing to the common cold try to validate that, most wont ever pay they just disappear. Where are you from that is so much better??

SailorRipley says:

Re: Re: Re: WOW Problems every country has!

first every country has those same problems“…

pick a Western European country, any Western European country except the UK (because after all, they’re US wannabes), because the US and Canada (in fact, pick any Western European country or Canada), with Western Europe pretty much cover the “civilized, western world”. And those Western European countries don’t have those same problems…

guess what, not a good start, proving with your first sentence that you’re inclined to talk out of your ass.

Second if all the people from other countries wouldn’t be sucking up our health care in our hospitals and emergency rooms, we would have better care

<sarcasm>right, because we all know how easy it is for all the people from other countries to come and live in the open and welcoming US, not to mention, the level (of quality) of medical treatment the average Joe (or Miguel) gets in the US </sarcasm>

Don’t try to say its not true

it’s not true…oh wow, I not only tried but succeeded! Yea me

“most wont ever pay they just disappear”

In general I would consider the possibility that you make that statement because you work in the financial department of a hospital and that that represents your experience. However, you have already proven you’re just talking out of your ass, so we all know you don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Where are you from that is so much better??

well, let’s see…Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada…and contrary to you, I have been to and know all these countries and their medical situation

i sat in a emergency room for 9 hours with a sick heart patient and every Mexican in my city was seen fist from the simplest thing to the common cold try to validate that

mybe yous haddened to weight soo long if yous filled the write paper

Boost says:

Re: Re: Re:


I like living in a free land. If you want government sponsored health care, move your ass to a socialist country like China. I like living in a country where you have to work hard for what you have. We have welfare in the United States to help people that can not work for it…but the people that can work for it and are just too damn lazy to work for it, let them starve. They aren’t paying my bills. My healthcare is just fine, and wouldn’t you know it…I pay for it myslelf. I don’t need higher taxes to pay my insurance.

The US is the best country in the world and it’s because American’s as a whole work hard to make it that way. If you don’t like America, please put a bullet in your head and save us all the compaining.

Z says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

I’d like to have health care! Should i move? NO! The system should change! Hospitals shouldn’t make millions on sick people!You would pay less for insurance if it was run by the government! The welfare is a joke! Have you been in other countries? Like in Netherlands(which you would call “Social country”), they don’t see people do garbage diving. Socialism is a good idea if it’s used correctly! Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to live in Russia. USA is way better!
PS: if you don’t like something, don’t kill yourself! Try to change it!

TZoe says:

Re: Re: Re: Living in a free land with healthcare

If you don’t like what someone else has to say – you may want to remember that this is a free country for everyone, regardless of their opinion. We may disagree but ain’t it grand – we all get to have our say!

I worked for the same company for 14 years and was laid off due to a workforce reduction. (That’s a whole other story)

I’m now working a good full-time job and my husband was recently laid off too. He is training for a new job and we hope he will get hired in a couple of weeks. Then after we each go through a 90 day probation, we should have health insurance. We have money in the bank, a mortgage, one car note (because one of our paid off vehicles finally died) and no kids. As long as neither of us gets sick, we should be okay. Here’s the deal…if either of us gets hurt or sick – we have no insurance and could lose a job and consequently our home and everything we’ve worked hard to build up…By the way, we aren’t lazy or on welfare.

I’m glad you are happy with the status quo – I agree with many other people; that our country could provide a much better health care system for everyone. One of the biggest problems with our current system is that while we pay more than any other developed country for our health care, individually we reap the smallest reward for that investment. Most of the money goes to the INSURANCE COMPANY. That is just plain wrong.

As an American citizen we have not only the right but the obligation to speak up, express our dissent and work to get it fixed – even for those that are happy with the way things are.

If you don’t like that – well, you have a right to your opinion….and so do I.

Boost says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Living in a free land with healthcare

Hey, I’m not lazy (well, relatively) or on welfare, either. Your company doesn’t cover your health insurance for 90 days so you don’t have any for 90 days. Well, guess what, it’s not my fault you’re not informed enough to go buy temporary health insurance. We don’t need to pay higher taxes to pay for people’s ignorance. We already have government sponsored healthcare coverage for low income households. We don’t need healthcare coverages sponsored by tax payers to pay for the middle class and the upper class.

Guess what…my company doesn’t pay for my healthcare coverage either. Well, they do, but I opted out becuase their plan is shit. I pay for my own health insurance.

I won’t argue with you that insurance companies and hospitals are greedy and are really just in it for the money, but do you have a better idea? I’m sorry but socilaized healthcare isn’t the answer. In my oppinion it’s the best way to ruin our healthcare system.


Rydrone says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Living in a free land with healthcare

I prefer to pay the $44/ month for the kick ass group Ins. I have as opposed to 20% of my salary going to a socialized government.

Even on the individual side, health insurance is not that expensive for the healthy. Oh and for those that whine about pre-existing conditions not being covered. Youre a fool. Here is a thought, dont get sick and then want insurance. Be a responsible american and include it in your financial planning. Youre protected and insurance companines are highly regulated. Dont believe every thing a corpulent slob rambles on about as he continues to show his hate for America. he may hide through tattered clothing but id love to have his bank account. Oh wait, he hates capitalism….
Do you total your car and then go ask for car insurance? Morons!
The cost of health insurance is primarily because of medical advancements. Have a broken bone, sore throat? Canada and European Countries will be stellar! But ever get a brain tumor or some kind of life saving surgery, you will want to be on U.S soil.
Blue Cross is a very large insurance company in these United States. Point being…most of the Blues plans are non profit organizations….Pick one of those, have continuous coverage, dont settle for mediocrity in your own life, educate yourself and you will be amazed how wonderful a land this is to live.

SailorRipley says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

here’s a thought:

there are other “free land“s where you can “work hard for what you have” with “welfare” “to help people that can not work for it

what’s the difference? those countries don’t go around invading Iraq so they can control the oil. Or undermine their people’s liberties in favor of corporations (copyright, patents, DMCA, tax cuts, cronyism) or just for the fun of it (Patriot Act,…) nor do their governments obstruct justice and then pardon the guilty…

Seems to me, if anybody should put a bullet in their head, it should be you (after all, you live in the country where guns and bullets are so easily obtained)

Comicfan says:

Who the hell cares?

Of all the articles on Techdirt, I see this one as pointless. Who cares who is richer? When you have that much does it really matter? With all the elderly in need of help, children in need of help, shelters, and things that need money to do ACTUAL good, it makes me sick to even read this. Honestly, it’s crap. Oh by the way, don’t forget, when someone donates money, we the tax payer pay for it, plus they get much of it back. Donate to some local area stores like some in my area, good will, st.vincent de paul, things of that nature, I can claim that stuff on my taxes. I can give them my junk and get money back but I don’t. I believe in TRUE help. So anyone who knows the workings of donations, it gets rich people, fame, good press, plus they get their money back, WE pay for what they donate. It sure as hell doesn’t come from them.

Daniel Morritt (profile) says:

its also very interesting to read the comments above, while some are interesting others seem to jump to the defence of “we are still bigger/better”, i think anyone can spot the american posters with ease.

it seems to me that the average (and i dont mean everyone!) american has a hard time accepting they are not the world, the ignorance of some people really astounds me, accept that america does not own everything, look round your house and see all those japanese items like your TV/DVD player? read underneath about 1/2 your household appliances and you will see “made in china/taiwan”, you guys send billions abroad every year which will hurt your economy and you wonder why its struggling? sure it makes the rich exec’s get million dollar bonuses as they have saves the company money, but in the long term your draining money from your own country

side note: its interesting to have an article on here thats not just another IP rant that means little to nothing to us non us readers, get back to the good old days!

boost says:

Re: Re:

I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t realize that alot of househole appliances are made by General Electric (an American company and one of the largest corporations in the world) right here in the United States. Maybe not all appliances are made in the US, but you still have a choice about it.

Geoff says:

This is an amazing string of comments.

What started as a news item announcing that a “man” was no longer the richest “man” in the world, and that he had been overtaken by another “man”, has denegrated into a diatribe about what country is better, what fuels one man’s growth and other forms of nonsensical rumors and allegations born purely from fits of jealousy.

Slim and Gates and Buffett are richer than stink – Let’s get over it and move on – They all do great work for the world – in their own way.

Telecom says:

by Overcast on Jul 3rd, 2007 @ 11:47pm

We suffer from an a belief that we are better, our land is better, our schools are better, our version of god is better, we are just better…

Well – where did ‘telecom’ originate?

The telephone and therefor telecom was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in Canada. Parts in Baddeck, NS (His summer home) and parts in Burlington ON (his winter home).

Daniel Morritt says:

Overcast ...

humanity existed for many, many years before the US – in that time, little advancement was made.

In 200 years, the US outpaced every other culture in the world.

That has to be the most ignorant comment i have ever read on this site, it is so far beyond stupidity i’m worried that if you had a second head you would be twice as dumb rather than twice as clever.

The American influence on the world has to be noted, but its far from as big as you think, if America wasn’t there do you really think we would be living like they were 200 years ago? no, the same advances would have been made, in fact much of the things you take as “American inventions” aren’t really american inventions at all!

Well done on getting to the moon first, shame you had to do it with german scientists.

American days are numbered, China is the new world superpower (emerging).

The chinese are coming!! says:

Re: Overcast ... wow thank you comrade

Wow, just because they were not born here doesnt make them not American. If they became a citizen they are an American and thus there invention becomes American invention. Because who here really is a American other then an American Indian, We are all from some where else, but some where there closer then others. There is no pride in America anymore, our country is in trouble due to over immigration, nobody with ball in the government, and no Brain on there head, and you know what with the generations coming up are going to kill it.

John Canada says:

Overcast ... by Daniel Morritt


“The telephone and therefor telecom was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in Canada. Parts in Baddeck, NS (His summer home) and parts in Burlington ON (his winter home).”


Thanks for posting this little bit of info before I did

Also for wireless (radio) it was Guglielmo Marconi also in Canada.

Anon says:

Several things

We’re now less free than other countries? Let me guess, you’re refering to socialist Europe?

Is it embarassing to be behind a country commonly thought of as a third world state? A bit. Do we still lead most of Europe and the ‘old world’ by huge margins? Yes. Are they catching up? Give Sarkozy a year in office and France will leave its dictatorial peers in the rankings behind, but the rest of Europe is stagnant.

America still has a couple decades before being totally surpassed simply by the sheer number of people in China. On a per-capita basis, it’ll depend on long term political stability, and I won’t speculate myself. We’ve gone from relatively stable in past decades to making 2008 one of the starkest choices possible; socialist candidates on the left, capitalists on the right and no middle ground. Given that we’re at the trough in the business cycle (which some idiot above seemed to think that just because growth is slowing now it’s some kind of permanent trend — no, it’s natural, it’ll last a couple years all together, and then growth will move above trend rate.. in an unending cycle, hence, ‘business cycle’) it’s particularly dangerous to have a socialist come in and try to tear in to the economy the results could very well be a reduction in growth of potential output, making the capitalist Asian countries overtake us that much more quickly, meanwhile a free-marketer president could encourage growth, so that’s hard/impossible to forecast.

SailorRipley says:

Re: Several things

The statement(s) and link you provide…well, I can only conclude you are being intellectually dishonest…

1)The link is a ranking about “economical” freedom, so it doesn’t really even partially cover what most people understand by “freedom”. (Nor does scoring lower than the US make a country (more) dictatorial)

2)Do we still lead most of Europe and the ‘old world’ by huge margins?” I just grabbed part of the ranking:

United States [82.0]
United Kingdom [81.6]
Ireland [81.3]
Luxembourg [79.3]
Switzerland [79.1]
Estonia [78.1]
Denmark [77.6]
Netherlands [77.1]
Iceland [77.1]
Finland [76.5]
Belgium [74.5]
Germany [73.5]
Cyprus [73.1]
Sweden [72.6]
Lithuania [72.0]

the first European country is only 0.4% behind and 14 end within 10%…yeah, you definitely “lead most of Europe” “with huge margins”

I could easily argue the validity of some of those 10 criteria, but I’ll limit my comments to 1 remark:

one of the 10 criteria is “Freedom from government” which “is defined to include all government expenditures
another one of those 10 criteria is “Fiscal freedom” which “is a measure of the burden of government from the revenue side. It includes” … “the overall amount of tax revenue as portion of GDP

It’s obvious that there will be a strong correlation between those two, so including both, as if they were independent leads to distorted results.

But I digress, let’s continue to look at your particular claim…I looked at the scores in detail, of the US and of several of those “dictatorial” European countries.

The reason the US scores higher (I don’t think using “better” would be accurate) is because of:

1) labor freedom
2) the fiscal/government freedom

(for most other criteria, scores are almost the same, sometimes even identical, except Europe does seem to have a significant (10%) higher investment freedom)

So the reason the US scores higher are (and according to Anon’s claim, are supposed to deem Europe dictatorial) are because:

for 1) in Europe labor laws dictate (*) longer notice periods for termination, unless of course there’s some misconduct involved.
For example 4 weeks notice for every segment of 5 years of employment that has begun, which means a company would have to give a (loyal) employee of 9 years 8 weeks notice (or just pay him the 8 weeks and tell him not to come in anymore)), which does result in less mobile labor (although, not that much less, one just has to plan it a little more) but also in much more job security, for both the employee as employer, since both know they will have a decent amount of time to deal with the situation (vs the US, where in most, if not all, states the two weeks notice is just a courtesy rule, not obligatory)

for 2) yes European countries tend to tax more, I guess that makes those countries less “economical free”, yet, with that tax surplus, those countries provide:
– good social security/unemployment/welfare/pensions for all retired (non self-employed) people.
– good universal health care
– cheap (when not free) education (one year of college tuition for example is typically $200-$1000)

Yeah, sure, that makes European countries much more “dictatorial” and their people less free…

(*) pun intended

PNess says:

Yep no Monopoly here...

Still not richer then the walmart kids, too bad that bumbkin was still not alive…..

Today, ninety percent of the telephone lines in Mexico are operated by Telmex.[3] The mobile company, Telcel, which Carlos Slim Helú also controls, operates almost eighty percent of all the country’s cellphones.

His companies now account for nearly half of the entire $366bn value of the Mexican stock index.

Yep this company would have been broken up in the USA several times over.

surpised this has not happened several times over since the majority of major companies are not owned by a single person because of fears of monopolies prevent much of this same practice from happening in the USA.

Chris says:

Alan just because weed is grown everywhere doesn’t stop the fact that Mexico exports it all over the world… And just because you wouldn’t smoke it even if they paid you doesn’t mean anything *sigh*

“- so, you have evolved culturally….nice…good for you…”
Even know what culture means? Here ya go:
definition: particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period
Maybe if your country is so much better how about they fix everything? Cause everyone knows that the USA doesn’t help anyone else out… right?
Don’t be so ignorant.

Tyler says:

And just because a socialist version works well in a smaller less populated country means it will work perfectly here… no.

Yes we could change it a bit, but I highly doubt it would be able to support the US population as some of you wish it too.

We have seen that Democracy just doesn’t work everywhere and neither will socialist platforms.

SailorRipley says:

Re: Re:

and why would that be?

after all, a larger country means also more people contributing…

if 70 (can) contribute (enough) to provide for 100, then 700 should be able to contribute for 1000.

In fact, upscaling usually means less overhead, so with larger numbers, the demands would even be lower.

…unless you’re saying there are more leechers in the US, and that implementing that “socialist version” would mean not 700 but for example 600 would have to cover the 1000…

(the numbers are purely exemplary)

Comicfan says:

Potato heads

I can’t believe how everyone is arguing over a statement of Bill Gates not being the richest man. Then you wonder why the world is so damn weak, can’t even hear that news without arguing or making it into an argument. It seems to me, most people in the entire world think they themselves or their country are better, whether it be financial, racial, religious status. Well, here’s a news flash, WE ALL SUCK. None better than the other. Until we realize this, there will never be peace, everyone is too weak minded, governments keep us at each other’s throats with ideals. We live with billions of people, better start realizing the world can’t be each individual’s way. The world is shrinking and merging, better find a way to get along and get over it.
If there is a brain cell in this world, it’s probably dying of loneliness.

Danny says:

Alan is a moron

Hey Alan, it is because of ignorant fucktards like you that Americans are continually stereotyped negatively. Please go fuck yourself and do not stereotype 300 million people as being “rude”.
Americans statistically are among the hardest workers in the world. It is for this reason that this coutry became what it is today. I can not help it if politicians are corrupt and greedy, it is a system that will take years to change. I am not willing to pay over 50% taxes for some assholes healthcare who does drugs and costs this country hundreds of thousands of dollars.
American Academics are among the best in the world which is why so many people come here to study. We invented the internet for all you fucktards that are proud of your canadian inventions.
Bill Gates will be giving his entire fortune to charity, what will this telecom monopolist do with his fortune?


SailorRipley says:

Re: Alan is a moron

Please go fuck yourself and do not stereotype” everybody who needs health care as someone “who does drugs and costs this country hundreds of thousands of dollars

As a bonus, please prove that even the ones that do do drugs are costing “this country hundreds of thousands of dollars” each


Clint Galliano says:

Americans in Denial by Andy Walker, etc.

“…the world is flat…”

WHAT? I thought it was round all this time!!!
(it just struck me as funnny)

The United States of America is a great country. It’s not the only great country in the world. Our Healthcare needs help, as does our tax system, (IMHO) and our political & legal sytem. So what? Every country has things to like and not to like. Again, So What?

I live here. I like it here. Someone above almost got it right, but was missed the point, “If you don’t like it here…” The way I would finish it is “leave”.

I have been to a few other countries like Norway, the UK, & Canada. I haven’t experienced their health care systems, but for the most part, everyone was very nice and helpful. In fact, a Norwegian bus driver gave me a free ride because all I had was a credit card on me at the time.
Granted, I know these are “US-friendly” countries.

BTW, wasn’t this article about Who is on the top of somebody’s list of the richest people?


Clint C. Galliano

Tyler says:

Because in America competition fuels our economy and our country. In a socialist health system where would be the competition?

And yes we do have a lot of leechers on our health care system… one example being 11 million illegal immigrants. Then the many low income families.

I loled @ the quote about germany having 82 million and having health care… thats a little less than 1/4th of the US population.

David says:

Bill's not the richest anymore

Bill’s not going to stand for that. Get prepared for higher prices on Microsoft software and services, if that is possible.

I can see it now Microsoft Vista Home is now $2,000 a copy. A tech call to Microsoft Tech Support is now a flat fee of $4,000 per incident. Unless you live in a country other than the U.S., then it’s only $3.00 for Vista and service calls are free.

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Anil Kumar says:

Please help me

Dear Sir
I am Anil Kumar from India. I am 26 years young male. I am married and have a 9 months daughter. I am B.A. degree holder from Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak. After complete my degree I appointed a Government job at IGI Airport New Delhi. Four year doing job, I left this job and started my own business. My business is manufacturing of cotton hand gloves which used in automobile companies. I purchase a500 sq. miter Industrial plot at Khushkhera (Bhiwadi) Rajasthan and started my business with setup two knitting machine. For this work I borrow $125.000.00 to a person against my agriculture land and my home than I started my business. But my misfortune I cannot get money anyway. I went go my near bank also but they give me a loan of $37500USD, it is not enough. If I not pay money this person, he I left my land and my house, his due date is 25june 2008. So I request you to please help me to save my house and precede my business. I am very thanks full you. Please help me.
Firm name M/s Lina Gloves
Mr. Anil Kumar
Home Address
Village Sunaria P.O. Tatarpur (Ist.)
Distt. Rewari (Haryana)
PIN CODE 122502
Mobile +91-9812447003
Account number 02501000081236 HDFC Bank Rewari
Swift code BOFAUS3N
Correspondence account no 6550492079 Bank of America

ganesh sastri says:

help fonds

I am a poor man and broadminded people. I am help of always other man and other families.
Create a small organization. Please help me for I am real organize for this organization.
Please help and send something founds.

Thinking You
Yours sincerely
Ganesh Nayak
231/B, HIG BDA Duplex,
Baramunda, Bhubaneswar,
Orissa, India
Tel : +919437932751
Bank A/C. SBI 30380075229
Account Name : Chinmayee Devi (is my wife)
e-mail :

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