The Chinese Solar Boom Grips Wall Street

from the let-the-sun-shine dept

One of the major beneficiaries of the increased interest in alternative energy has been ethanol, which has seen a surge in investment activity, despite questions about how efficient or “green” it actually is. Historically, one of the more bona fide alternative forms of energy has been solar power, although it has always been hampered by issues of cost effectiveness. But it appears that the technology may finally be getting its day in the sun, so to speak. The solar power sector has been well represented during the recent IPO boom, particularly firms from China, which have raised $1.1 billion collectively from public investors. Of course, by virtue of their being from China, these companies are taking advantage of two separate simultaneous booms.

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Comments on “The Chinese Solar Boom Grips Wall Street”

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technofear (profile) says:

Ahh the Yanks...

>>We can count on them to make fire-hazard solar panels out of toxic ingredients with child labor.

You forgot the bit about them kidnapping citizens of other countries, outsourcing the torture and then posting the photos online.

Or invading a country based on intel that was known to be fake.

Luckily that mess is all behind us as GWB has declared Mission Accomplished!

Ohhh, that’s not China is it……….

Mr. NiceGuy says:

Re: Ahh the Yanks...

Way to be off topic there ‘tard. Dorpus is making a statement on the quality of the product and labor in China, while you’re…just bashing America because it’s ‘cool.’ Take a number, neophyte, there’s plenty to join you in line if you want to rip on us.

conspiracy fearist says:

Re: Re: This should be the only topic...

This should be the only topic, stateside, anyway.

People rip on America…ready for it…because we’re in the wrong, and because what we’re doing is not ‘cool’.

We’re (we being the American Taxpayer) paying to invade a foreign country, under false pretenses, to secure oil interests for our big oil cronies. The ‘War’, or occupation, has been producing record profits for the oil companies as well. We also line the pockets of the defense and rebuilding industry fatcats, all the while breeding a fresh generation of suicide bombers.

We should be spending that money to develop practical alternatives to oil as an energy source…but that doesn’t really fit with our current administrations business plan for the oil industry.

This is the sad part of Capitalism, nothing gets done unless some one can get filthy rich from it.

Joe says:

Your all tards

Listen this article is about solar power, not geopolitics, good for China, they need solar as much as the rest of us. And for the stupid comment about solar panels bursting into flames? what are you retarded? Solar panels that “work” operate well over 100 degrees C. So don’t be an idiot. The more solar insolation the better. We need alternative energy at a competitive level, so let china bring the market to bare and maybe the US energy policy may shift with “economic” priorities.

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