Microsoft Clings To 'Software Plus Services' Mantra

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While Google has been busily building an online version of Microsoft’s Office suite, Microsoft itself has stuck to a consistent message, arguing that the key isn’t software as a service, but software plus services, an equation that conveniently keeps its Office cash cow intact. Today the company announced new offerings under its Live moniker, including a photo sharing service designed to complement photo software that comes with Vista. But it’s clear that consumers and business are increasingly interested in the pure web-based model for reasons that include cost and convenience. Meanwhile, new entrants are coming into the space all of the time, looking to feed on the growing discontent with Microsoft’s products. If Microsoft really believes that software plus services is the answer, then of course it should be pursuing it. But if the model is just its own vision for how best to avoid cannibalization, then it’s a doomed strategy in the long run.

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Comments on “Microsoft Clings To 'Software Plus Services' Mantra”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Google Docs Not Quite Ready

My organization and school were trying to switch to Google Docs, but a couple key features still haven’t been implemented (namely the ability to add footnotes). Until these COMMON (read: not bloated 10% of the userbase) features are added, MS will probably still have a stranglehold on Office software.

MooseDog says:

anecdotal evidence:

i was in a small local bicycle rental shop the other day, and noticed they were using google calendar to manage and keep track of which bikes were out with customers and for how long.

i.e. software as a service for inventory management!

if google’s efforts have penetrated this deeply into such small, local businesses, ms’s stranglehold has already been broken, imho.

Protoplasm says:

Billy the Tyrant (or Anti-Christ?)

As soon as Microsoft gets out from under it’s own weight, is when they are relieved of the burden of developing new products that fit some marketing model, instead of supporting new technology and products that aren’t plagued with glitches and flaws. Time & time over, a rush to market has been followed with excessive “Updates” and “Security Patches” that are the result of a systemic problem with the platform itself. Windows is a big heaping pile of bullshit, and the only thing support for it does is add another layer of fragrance to try to keep it from stinking so badly.

Down with the Proletariat swine! Capitalist Pigs! Get a Mac.

Overcast says:

HAHAHA, what kind of ‘services’ does Microsoft offer? Certainly not tech support! Unless you want to pony up with some $$$$.

I’m not looking to deep into it – just from a consumer’s point of view.

What ‘service’ does Microsoft provide that other’s don’t. Actually – I use a freeware document editor called Abiword – there’s much better ‘support’ (as it’s forum based free support) than Microsoft could dream of offering, since no Microsoft dream takes place without some cash, anyway.

I find Abiword to be easier to use that Word, it loads faster, and is one hell of a lot cheaper.

$250.00 ++ for Office?? Get Real Microsoft. I’d rather use a Pen or a Typewriter.

Casper says:

Google Apps

I use Google Apps for 99% of what I do. If for some reason I need a more powerful tool (most people don’t need one, they just want to feel like they do), I use Open Office.

There is no doubt that with a little refinement and more development, Google Apps will eclipse MS Office in the next year or two. I know first hand that a lot of government agencies (a HUGE portion of MS buyers) are looking at new buying future versions of MS office. Heck, we are currently working to get away from having to move to Vista, for obvious reasons. Thank god Dell decided to offer XP a little longer so people can horde licenses before they get screwed with Vista.

Anonymous Coward says:

i agree – there are occasionally features i need that aren’t provided by Google Docs, but i feel certain that those will slowly but surely be added, if not by google, then by one of their competitors in this space. in the meantime the occasional inconvenience is worth it for the ease of sharing and collaboration, and the convenience of having documents available on any machine with an internet connection.

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