A Perfect Storm Brews At Major Airlines

from the one-mishap dept

Technical malfunctions at the major airlines seem to be growing in frequency, as this week saw a computer glitch at United lead to major disruptions. Specifically, the culprit was a computer system that’s supposed to calculate the weight of each flight before takeoff (via Today in the Sky). Once it went down, operations ground to a halt, per FAA regulations. It didn’t help that the airline’s entire computer system was completely centralized, as that prevented it from failing at all elegantly. Problems such as this one are also exacerbated by the lack of slack in the system right now, which guarantees that any mishap will lead to a catastrophic chain reaction. Between these two things, brittle IT systems and a shortage of good infrastructure, it seems increasingly likely that flying will remain painful for some time.

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Comments on “A Perfect Storm Brews At Major Airlines”

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Ken Murray says:

I'm living this nightmare now

Hi, I fly every Monday to work and back home thursday evening. This week I had to drive home from NY and it took me 6 Hours. I’m telling you from the FAA Computers failing us (Even though billions in taxes go to have the best) to the United Computer Problems, to the Poor Inefficient operations of US Air, Air Travel is at it’s worst. The 5:40 am flight on US Air can’t even get out on time! Have you ever seen the pilots? They saunter like they have no hurry to get to their post. You and I are always scurring to get to work though!.. I really believe the government should let the airlines go bust because it can’t get much worse. Maybe we’ll end up with some decent company in it’s place.

I have a dream that some billionaire will start to open up private airports and save the masses like us from this hell!


Rodney R Rollins says:

Ken Murray,
Your dream is about to come true. The airline is Paladin Light Jet and for about the same cost as a first class ticket, you will get your own, for the day private jet. An entire plane for yourself and up to three friends. No more long security lines. No more baggage prestodigitation. Even fido can ride up front. No more TB gauntlets to run. help is coming. Don’t buy into the “raise the taxes on corporate jets” scam the press has been hawking lately. Thats just the “megajetco’s” boot lickers trying to keep our operating costs high. Pass the word, we’re Paladin light jet, and Paladin is coming!

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