YouTube Goes After The Generated Part Of User-Generated Content

from the cut dept

YouTube has launched a new web-based video editing tool dubbed Remixer that will let users do more with the videos that they upload to the site. The offering will allow for rudimentary editing, such as changes to the order of the video, as well as the addition of graphics and music. As it is, a lot of the user-generated content that’s on the site is already edited in some way, and the concept of a web-based video editor isn’t a new one. Techdirt Greenhouse presenter Jumpcut (since acquired by Yahoo) offered much the same thing. But by making this functionality widespread and easy to use, the tool will probably prove popular among the site’s users. As a company that aims to be a platform for this type of long-tail content, adding more creative tools is a natural extension to its hosting and distributing capabilities.

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Comments on “YouTube Goes After The Generated Part Of User-Generated Content”

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Chris (user link) says:

Re: Games - Pinball

Wow, you have a lot to learn about the way computers work. I’m not even sure where one would start with an appropriate reply to this. Oh yeah, I remember, this isn’t an IT help forum and your comment has nothing to do with YouTube or video editing software! At least andy put an advertisement up. oh wait, that’s not much better either…

andy says:

Re: Re: Games - Pinball

it’s hardly an advertisement… not anymore than the promotion of your myspace blog hyperlinked in your name text.

i was just pointing out that other people have done online video editing and posting before youtube.

not every dropped name constitutes advertising… sometimes it’s just awareness.

Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

"Video"(tm) to replace Word(tm) by 2010

Again we are at the birth of a new era.

We will look back and wonder how we ever communicated with just words alone. PictureBooks, FilmBooks, Video presentations and hyperlinked education and instruction will replace the “Word”(tm) document.

Not today, not tomorrow but soon.
Embedded Pictures, Video, Audio into every document is today the norm. Soon it will be the reverse, embedded text in the video/audio/image stream. Content that is specified in a translateable Text.

I see tremendous opportunity to create, buy and sell content.
Yet another way to increase the total money supply.

All from a simple video editor.

Jezsik says:

Re: "Video"(tm) to replace Word(tm) by 2010

Not a chance!

Did the phonograph wipe out the live music industry? Did radio supplant music recordings? Did TV knock out radio? Has the internet led to the demise of newspapers or other media? No. Video has it’s place, but it’s no “killer app”!

Furthermore, a video “document” is not nearly as useful (and re-usable) as a text-based document.

OKVol says:

Now how are they going to identify copyrighted mat

How much percentage of a video has to be copyrighted before the MPAA will come down on you?

Can you change a few bits and the automatic video recognition software not work anymore?

Are the blue-screen challenge videos that Steven Colbert had folks to do copywrite by Comedy Central because they show his face?

Can you put your own subtitles to Spiderman3 and be legal?

Can you dub “Dark Side of the Moon” onto “Wizard of Oz” and get the double whammy (copyright Game Show Network) of the MPAA and RIAA?

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