Vigilantes For Internet Censorship

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There’s only so much logic you can use when a mob decides what policies it wants to enforce. According to Slashdot, a group of Indian Nationalists are so unhappy with Google’s Orkut social network that they’re threatening and vandalizing internet cafes that don’t block the site. Of course, that won’t stop the groups who are saying disparaging things from gathering online. It won’t stop them from thinking the way they do (and, in fact, may reinforce their opinions). It’s amazing how quickly people respond to comments they disagree with by trying to block the ability to say them, rather than actually responding and explaining why they’re wrong.

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Comments on “Vigilantes For Internet Censorship”

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Jacob Buck says:

So basically the article says that vigilantes in India don’t want freedom of speech on the internet. Big whoop. The internet cafe owners should get guns to protect their stores. Vigilantes are weak-willed people who use mobs as a way of getting what they want. Shoot a few and they’ll all scatter.

Now why don’t you bring us some important news mike?

That's Rich says:

The view from Bombay

Without weighing on the Techdirt newsworthiness of the subject, I have been regularly awed by the ignorance of both these nationalist mobs (usually associated with the Shiv Sena political party) and the political honchos when it comes to the internet. This is not the first time Orkut has come under fire, nor the first time that sections of the Indian public have had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century (the Indian army’s crybaby attitude towards Google Earth being another example).
For the Shiv Sena crowd (and there are other groups like them) it is not enough to simply not view groups on Orkut that decry their country, party and political leaders, they instead seek to muzzle anybody from exercising their right to criticize them. And if such a criticism is lodged by the creation of a group, their disingenuous response is to trash local businesses that have nothing to do with Orkut or the ‘hate groups’. It boggles the mind.
JB: As much as I might get some twisted satisfaction out of reading stories of armed cafe owners defending their turf against the marauding Sainiks, that would no doubt provoke a disastrous situation for all parties involved. Tensions are high enough when it comes to standoffs of this nature without guns getting brought into the equation.

|333173|3|_||3 says:


Hey, if a mob burst into my hypothetical internet cafe and tried to smash up the place, and I had an assault rifle or machine gun, and enough ammunition, I would start shooting. Sure, the shop will still get trashed, but hopefully the mob will run away. Of course If I had too little ammo, then the sensible solution is to try to escape, and get it repaired under insurance.

Charles Griswold (user link) says:

Re: Re:

Hey, if a mob burst into my hypothetical internet cafe and tried to smash up the place, and I had an assault rifle or machine gun, and enough ammunition, I would start shooting.

Nah, not me. Against one or two assailants guns are fine, but against a mob nothing works like popping an OC* grenade and ducking out the back. Sure, cleanup is a pain, but like you said they’re gonna trash the place anyway.

*oleoresin capsicum; pepper gas

Anonymous Coward says:

Apparently none of you guys have experienced the transcendent, orgasmic pleasure of pointing a gun at a man who is doing you harm and deserves to die, and making it so with your own hands. Honor still compels you to brandish the weapon for a moment or two, to give them time to think twice and flee, but after that its open season.

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