French Sports Leagues Say Non! To YouTube

from the how-do-you-say-promotional-value-in-French? dept

It would appear that France’s top soccer league and tennis organization suffer the same marketing blindness that caused the Premier League to sue YouTube because its most active fans were helping to promote the sport of soccer for them. The two French sports organizations have joined the lawsuit against YouTube, claiming that by allowing fans to share sporting moments, it was somehow (a) Google’s fault and (b) costing the sports league’s money. The reality is that (a) it’s the responsibility of the uploader, not Google and (b) these videos help promote the sport and get more people to watch.

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Comments on “French Sports Leagues Say Non! To YouTube”

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Xanius says:

Re: If they don't want it on Youtube...

They shouldn’t have the right to sue youtube first. They need to send letters informing youtube that there is content they don’t want published and have it taken down.

You sue after youtube refuses to cooperate, but since youtube would cooperate they are skipping step 1 and going straight for the money shot.

mike allen says:

I have said it before and i will say it again i dont like soccer but if i did and toke a camera to a game what i film is MY copyright no one else’s if i choose to put that film on you tube that is my decision no one else’s and i would argu that point in court if need be. if i recored from TV then that would be copyright violation. the owner of copyright is the person who takes the images or if paid then by the person paying. a sport is a public place if the owners don’t want film being taken then they should prevent cameras being admitted.

an actual guy who follow soccer in France says:

“it is rediculouse to sue you Tube for promoting soccer.”

No, it’s not!! Did you actually saw a recent match of french soccer Ligue 1?
Even if you’re a diehard soccer fan it is a borefest!
heck in less than a month we already knew that OL (soccer team of the city of Lyon) would be the next leader.
Seriously they’re taking a step forward, I say it should be youtube user that sue youtube for broadcasting this borefest.

Consider this :
* soccer (football) is the National sport (biggest number of licencees => large number of amateurs if you will)
* nobody, bar places near Lyon, cared about the national championship (champion’s league or UEFA however….) after the first 3 months
* add the poor quality of the actual matches >.>

For the us people, imagine a sport that have the popularity and wiedspread interestof NFL/NHL/Baseballall rolled into one.
Now imagine people being more interested in ANY league outside the country more than they are in the actual country
=> then : Bienvenue en France

For tennis, appart from Roland Garros, you have no matches that take place in France broadcasted (bar Olympics and such)
yep you have to go cable or satellite to get to see ‘l’open de Paris’

yes it kinda suck

now since nobody said anything about rugby then most people that care in watching interesting sports are seeing it as an improvement
as we say in Ligue1 : 0-0 ftw

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