Telus Latest To Misuse Copyright Law; This Time To Force Union Videos Offline

from the did-they-not-learn dept

Two years ago, the Canadian telco Telus did something quite amazing. It blocked all subscribers of their ISP service from reaching websites that supported employees in a union battle between labor and management at Telus. This is one of the cases that people highlight when they talk about network neutrality. Of course, all this actually did was shine a great big spotlight on how ridiculous Telus was being in its labor dispute. You would have though the company wouldn’t make the same sort of mistake twice. However, Michael Geist is reporting that Telus has sent DMCA takedown notices to YouTube on a bunch of videos including union videos that have no Telus copyrighted material. This is clearly a misuse of the law to try to stifle access to these union videos — though, again, that seems likely to backfire. It’s doubly ironic, considering (as Geist points out), Telus has been a vocal critic of notice-and-takedown rules as generating a “voluminous level of automated, illegitimate and time-wasting claims.” Well, at least they have experience with that first hand.

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Comments on “Telus Latest To Misuse Copyright Law; This Time To Force Union Videos Offline”

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Morgan (user link) says:

Points out why neutrality is unnecessary

This is precisely the kind of thing for the marketplace to work out. Obviously their gambit backfired, and not only did they lose the PR battle, they likely lost customers over the outrage.

So I still fail to see how telco abuse is somehow going to be a continuing problem. It never works out for them, and it is never permanent, and people can leave their ISP.

So I wonder what legislative magic bullet will somehow keep this from happening, and have no ill effects no one thought of later.

Anonymous of Course says:

Bogus DMCA claims

What recourse does the union or the
owners of the videos have concerning
the bogus DMCA requests? Is Telus
commiting fraud?

Hopefully YouTube will tell them to
pound sand but it seems the default
position is to just take down the
video and avoid problems (for them.)
Which is understandable.

Not Darren (user link) says:

Telus idle.

This is just Telus being Telus.

The only thing more arrogant than the way they treat the Union is the way the employees treat the public who disagree with the company.

Much like people who “drink the Kool Aid”, these guys find anyone who doesn’t like Telus and dares to blog or post about it and insult them.

Do or don’t do business with them. Telus enjoys the monopoly they purchased from AGT in Alberta, and some people literally have no other choice.

But you can pick any one of many reasons, their Telus Idol fiasco, hiring goons to stalk Union members and attack them (you can read about that online as well), or their 2.95 “access fee” (ironically from the company behind Koodo mobile which pitches itself as against this garbage), their part in the 15 cent text message cash grab, I mean really…is there any end?

Ultimately, though, their competition also sends Canadian jobs overseas, and does any one of a number of things that would make a normal person want to puke.

Deal with the devil or save up millions and start up your own company. I share the mattress with the devil on this one. Everyone sucks, everyone’s dirty, put on your big girl panties.

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