Perhaps The Fake NEC Is More Ethical Than The Real One?

from the oops dept

Remember a year ago when the news came out that Chinese counterfeiters weren’t just making counterfeit NEC products, but had built an entire counterfeit NEC company, complete with factories, buildings, new products (!) and business cards. The fake NEC even commissioned research under the NEC brand name. However, given all the reports coming out about fake orders and kickbacks at the real NEC, you have to wonder if perhaps the fake version of NEC might have been more ethical than the real one. At this point, the real NEC keeps having to restate its earnings and may face delisting from the NASDAQ. Perhaps they should merge with the counterfeit version, and let the counterfeiters manage the business instead.

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Comments on “Perhaps The Fake NEC Is More Ethical Than The Real One?”

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Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

Maybe NEC would not have stooped to such

low tactics if the Fake NEC had not siphoned off so much business.

I don’t condone the business practice of either but when people come in and undercut your business, well Guido said best in “Risky Business”:
“Don’t mess with a man’s livelihood.”

Except he didn’t say mess, I think he said ruffle.
Anyway, NEC faced with failing sales due to a shadow company undercuting their business will force desperate measures.

Shun says:

Fake post more in line with expectations than real

Oops, I hit the return key, so now there’s a blank post with my name on it sitting in cyberspace somewhere. Don’t worry, it was the fake-me that did it.

In any event, this shows how short-sighted NEC is. If the fake company really was doing all this great work, why didn’t NEC partner with them? NEC could have “bought them out” and eventually brought their profits in under the NEC umbrella.

Instead the fake-NEC got rubbed out, real-NEC’s profits are in the toilet, and a bunch of financial shenanigans need be played in order to make NEC smell like roses.

Way to go real companies. I’m going to start my fictitious business now and give you all a run for your money.

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