Japan Looks To Allow Compulsory Licenses For Putting TV Content Online

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Sounds like the entertainment industry may need to rush some lawyers over to Japan. Michael Geist points out that the Japanese government is looking to change copyright laws to allow anyone to repost broadcast TV online without permission — just as long as they pay a compulsory license fee. The idea is to help promote the distribution of TV content. However, with entertainment companies like Viacom and NBC so focused on “control” over their content, this type of proposal can’t make certain entertainment companies very happy — even if they would get paid for their content every time people help promote it for them.

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Comments on “Japan Looks To Allow Compulsory Licenses For Putting TV Content Online”

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Toritaiyo (user link) says:


I’m guessing that Japan (probably the japan recording-media industries association) is doing this in response to problems with massive amounts of TV content being posted on sites like Youtube. Is that the case?

I had read somewhere that they were set to sue Youtube, but I do not know if that took place.

Is the broadcast TV they are giving reposting permission for Japanese TV? And if so, wouldn’t Viacom and NBC not be effected? I don’t know, just a guess.

Pursewarden says:

Youtube is only the tip of the iceburg

With the vast amount of Anime that is either downloaded or shared through websites like Crunchyroll, I don’t think that they can put this genie back in the bottle.

Hopefully it will open up some eyes over here and some of the TV execs over here will see the need to *gasp* think about doing things a different way.

TX CHL Instructor (profile) says:

The nation-state

The nation-state is increasingly obsolete, but that doesn’t mean that nations will simply go away quietly. The demise of the nation-state and the rise of the sovereign individual will be accompanied by many such futile attempts to maintain the state’s monopolies over such things as the media, the internet, and use of force. see: http://snipurl.com/SovereignIndivual

Concealed Handgun License Courses in Plano, TX

Pat (user link) says:


I can already rent music CDs at the same place I rent DVDs here in Japan.

Right beside the register they sell blank DVDs CDs and MiniDiscs. I wonder what they’re for?

Odly enough, they’re often the cheapest place in town to buy my blank media!

They still don’t rent games here though. Have to buy ’em then sell ’em back.

I think the recording industry here have realized long ago – as in the music CD rental and blanks situation – that there are plenty of people and profits to be made from people wiling to buy CDs than to spend so much time and effort against the minority that don’t.

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