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CNN Drops Paid Online Video Service, While Broader Problems Persist At Time Warner

from the any-good-ideas-in-the-pipeline? dept

CNN has announced that it will drop the paid subscription model for its Pipeline service. The only question is: what took it so long? The problem with the service is the same one that the New York Times is experiencing with TimesSelect. It’s really hard to get people to pay subscriptions online, particularly when there are so many free alternatives. Smartly, the company will continue to offer Pipeline, but it will be ad-supported, opening the service up to a much wider audience while helping to satisfy the burgeoning demand for opportunities to brand online. At this point, CNN will have some catching up to do if it wants to compete in this space, since it’s not exactly a go-to destination for video. Even if CNN does resolve its issues, it will only be a small part of the equation for its parent company, Time Warner, which has a hilariously convoluted approach to video, employing a host of disparate services across its brands rather than making any attempt to unify them.

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Comments on “CNN Drops Paid Online Video Service, While Broader Problems Persist At Time Warner”

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Sean says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Um…I’m sure Murdoch ranks so…so..so much higher than Turner.

Or for that matter, trying to describe a true difference between FOX and CNN is about as absurd. In the end, both don’t report news so much as portray a circus to entertain a viewer.

I mean, FOX really doesn’t even try to hide its own contradictions, either. Bill O’Reilly tries to play himself off as a “cultural warrior” (whatever that means) as well as someone who is apart of the middle class. The man is so far removed from the common American he really should be regarded as a mere televangelist.

Coward Killer Killer :) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Coward Killer? Hahaha…what a tool…do yourself a favor and try out Frontline, or other PBS news outlets. While you’re at it check out the CBC or BBC. Hell, maybe a couple documentaries. The Corporation, and Outfoxed:Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism come to mind.

You wouldn’t trust news coming from a door-to-door salesman or a politician, would you? (no offense to any salesmen that might be reading) Ted Turner? Rupert Murdoch? What’s the difference? They tell you what that which keeps you watching, not necessarily what you need to know. Sometimes they kill stories, and even entire shows to keep you from hearing about certain hot topics.


Don’t worry, we’ll make an educated media consumer out of you in no time 🙂

Greg Andrew says:

Pipeline vs. Times Select

I don’t see the comparison between CNN Pipeline and TimesSelect. The Times has over 200,000 paid online subscribers (not including those who have gotten free academic subscriptions or have signed up for free subscriptions because they subscribe to the daily paper; that number is 450,000 higher). Pipeline, on the other hand, had so few subscribers – despite being much cheaper per year – that no numbers have ever been made public; I’m guessing that it was in the four figures. The key to TimesSelect is actually the free use (up to 100 articles a month) of the Times Archives that comes with the subscription. Other papers have pay services for their archives too, but they are usually at least $200 a year and attract very few subscribers.

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