Alcatel-Lucent Demands More Money From Microsoft; Desperate Ploy To Settle?

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With the recent Supreme Court decisions concerning patents, one thing that people noticed was that it would probably greatly reduce the amount Microsoft owed Alcatel-Lucent for patent infringement concerning the MP3 patents Alcatel-Lucent claims to hold. Apparently, Alcatel-Lucent recognizes this as well. In order to fend that off, it looks like it’s making a big push to settle by pretending that Microsoft actually owes much more than the $1.5 billion the original ruling provided. Alcatel-Lucent is including more for “prejudgment” and “postjudgment” interest, and also demanding $5.64 for every future infringing sale. This is silly, and Alcatel-Lucent’s lawyers know this. However, if they can keep pushing the number higher, it may reach a point where Microsoft’s shareholders push the company to simply settle, just to remove the uncertainty. This is exactly what happened in the RIM-NTP case, where RIM shareholders pushed the company to settle, even as the US Patent Office was in the process of invalidating the patents. Given the ridiculous patent thicket around MP3 technology, this whole mess should awaken a few more people to the many ways that the patent system is being used to hold back, rather than promote, innovation. This latest push by Alcatel-Lucent comes across as nothing more than a last-ditch effort to convince Microsoft to settle before the scales shift even further against abusing the patent system this way.

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Comments on “Alcatel-Lucent Demands More Money From Microsoft; Desperate Ploy To Settle?”

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n00b says:

Open Source / Free Compression Codec

Is there a standards-based, open source, free music compression format that we could start promoting the makers of all things music adopt? If so, let’s do it. If not, why couldn’t someone (Linus, anyone?) smarter than me create one and gift it to the world? Just a thought, and probably not a new one…

ScaredOfTheMan says:

OGG is Free....

“Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source.”

“The Ogg Vorbis specification is in the public domain. It is completely free for commercial or noncommercial use. That means that commercial developers may independently write Ogg Vorbis software which is compatible with the specification for no charge and without restrictions of any kind. However, the software packages we have developed are available under various free/open-source software licenses with varying allowances and restrictions.”

Fred Flint says:

Re: OGG is Free....

Well, it’s free for now and it works great on my Linux box but hang on – some scumbag lawyer (possibly at Micro$oft), even as we speak is submitting a patent that is very close to OGG, very close indeed.

Stand by for a multi-million dollar lawsuit, coming real soon now – as soon as the lawyers can figure out who has enough money to make it worth while raiding or simply shutting down.

You’d think they could save a lot of time and effort, just suing everyone who ever had anything to do with open source and/or Linux.

Oh, wait… Micro$oft is already doing that. Nevermind!

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