Forget Washing Dishes Or Sweeping Up; Parents Handing Off Online Chores To Kids

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For years we’ve seen stories about how kids tend to do tech support for their parents and other adults when it comes to computer related problems. However, a new article frames that story in a different light, suggesting that parents now give their kids “online chores” to do — which can sometimes replace traditional household chores like washing the dishes or doing the laundry. The chores can include just about any online action that parents aren’t entirely comfortable with — from booking flights to setting up parties to getting movie listings. In fact, 14% of kids in the study claimed that they actually helped their parents file their tax returns online. This probably isn’t particularly surprising, but it is representative of how central to family life computing and the internet has become, that using it is considered a chore like sweeping the hallway.

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Comments on “Forget Washing Dishes Or Sweeping Up; Parents Handing Off Online Chores To Kids”

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Ron Larson (profile) says:

I would like to see the Boy & Girl Scouts have a merit badge for tech support. Especially in 2008 when the $40 coupons for digital TV receivers roll out.

It would be great if a clueless senior citizen could schedule a Boy Scout to drop by to get the new digital receiver hooked and working on the old TV. Or a troop could hit their neighborhood over a few weekends in 2008 knocking on doors seeing if people need help switching over.

It could keep the clueless from being scammed into buying TV’s or antennas they don’t need. And the Scouts could get credit for helping out the public.

Celes says:

Re: Re:

At first it sounded silly, but now I think you may be on to something. The Scouts would be learning a useful skill (camping is super-fun, but I hardly think I’ll ever need to build a fire from scratch out of neccessity), and they’re providing a service to the community.

Anyway, it sounds a lot more fun than my Girl Scout troop – we spent more time pushing cookies than actually doing anything. Then again, I guess sales experience could be considered a life skill…

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