Another Company Wants To Track Fido With GPS

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Just four years after a Japanese company launched a similar product, a company in Sweden has announced the “world premier” of a GPS dog collar that lets owners keep track of their pets. The collar has a GPS chip and a cellular modem; when an owner sends an SMS to the collar, it responds with a message detailing its location in text or map form. Like GPS applications for tracking kids, the device can also trigger alarms if the dog wearing it wanders outside a preset zone. While the company behind the device says it can help solve dog owners’ “worst nightmare”, it’s hard to imagine too many of them ponying up the cash for the device and ongoing service. These sorts of tracking applications are continually mentioned as part of the future — but the only problem is that people don’t really seem all that interested in them.

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Comments on “Another Company Wants To Track Fido With GPS”

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Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

And the next logical step is to collar

your baby, your 3-year old child, your car, your teenager’s car, your teenager, your frail ailing parents, yourself.

It will be portrayed as “saving the children”, protect the young ones from predators, helping the senior citizens “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

The government does this now to newly released felons.

Whoa, mark of the beast.

Anonymous Coward says:

I’d pay a resonable price for such a device and a fee per “ping” for the service. Requirements:

Small enough to go on the dog (and preferably a cat)
Batteries for 5 years or more.
No fee until I “ping”.
Reliable coverage (for me, only in metro areas).
Very very reliable overall.

Being able to locate a lost pet would be great. I have lost a couple of animals down through the years and can be EXTREMELY painful. I’d probably be willing to pay $100 for the device and $1 or $2 per ping (so I could test every so often).

Yeah, I know, it wouldn’t ALWAYS work (thief would remove the collar, for example), but if it ever worked, it’s just so much better than… “Gone and tough sh–“.

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