Judge Tells Jack Thompson He's Gotta Play By The Rules

from the law-school-101 dept

Last week, notorious “blame the video game” lawyer Jack Thompson added game site Kotaku to one of his many lawsuits, because of some comments a reader left on their site regarding him. However, that amendment quickly got tossed after a judge noted Thompson didn’t follow proper procedure. Thompson tried to add Kotaku and its parent, Gawker Media, to the suit again, and Tuesday the judge smacked him down again, noting that he can’t keep adding unrelated claims to a single action. This isn’t the first time a Thompson suit has mentioned Kotaku, as the site was one of a gaggle Thompson accused of racketeering in another case, though he quietly later dropped them from the action. If Thompson’s highly litigious track record is anything to go by, he’ll probably file against Kotaku again, despite the extensive protection that section 230 of the CDA affords site owners for comments left on their site by readers. Also, don’t be surprised when Thompson sues the judge, adding him to the laundry list of legal entities Thompson says are conspiring against him.

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Comments on “Judge Tells Jack Thompson He's Gotta Play By The Rules”

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Charles Griswold (user link) says:

Re: Re:

Careful you guys… you’ll get techdirt sued :rolls eyes:


Jack Thompson is an outrageously vulgar blackguard and a miserable, toe-sucking proof that test tube experiments can go horribly wrong. He is living proof that man can live without a brain, and is so narrow minded that if he fell on a pin it would blind him in both eyes.

Bring it on, Jack!

Shteevie says:

“All we really need to do is make jerks like this start paying defendants costs when they loose. In todays court system, there’s no downside to sticking it to anyone you want to.”

-Do this, and retainer’s fees jump even higher. If the lawyer thinks he can win, he can charge whatever he wants because if he does win, you aren’t paying. And when you lose? You pay the overinflated fees for both lawyers.

-This would make it more difficult to keep lawyers in Public defender positions, whose fees are mandated by what the city/state will pay. This disadvantages the poor even more in our legal system, which already makes it difficult to win civil cases without big bucks.

The correct response is for all of the people ever accused by JT of ‘wrongdoing’, ‘slander’, or ‘racketeering’ to form a class-action lawsuit against him and/or sue for damages and legal fees.

Or, for some GTA-addled misguided youth to fulfill JT’s prophecy and put a hit out on the shmuck.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: by wtf

“I bet million this guy has religion background.. Usually are religion people want relegate shit because god said so.. JT fuck you and I will let my my son play some GTA just piss you off.”

My god, I could not let that one go. Did you fail all of grade school? Pluralize and read your reread your damn posts people.

PS: You might want to rephrase your post to target extremists rather then just people who are religious. There are extremists from all the groups. In fact, I think you would have a larger pool to pick from going after political targets (per participant they have far more extremists). Hell, PITA is a great one to point at…

ya right says:

You guys are MORONS

The problem isn’t Jack Thompson at all. Our legal system, with the unchecked fees, loop holes and bullshit is the problem. Until the government makes it impossible for Civil Suits, we will always be at the mercy of the rule makers which are the attorneys and lawyers in America.

Attorneys and Lawyers have single handedly bankrupt America. Don’t believe me? Do you live in a fucking cave?

johnnyprozac (user link) says:

He is the perfect opponent

THank god for Jack THompson. If we actually had someone competent, sane , intelligent , and actually able to communicate advocating the things that Jack THompson does, then there would be some fear.

Actually anyone who is sane, competent, intelligent, and actually knows the law wouldn’t be advocating any of that anyways.

But anyways. Working in the games industry I used to thank karma that the most famous fearmonger was such a publicly despised and utterly a failure as one.

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