Internet2 Knocked Out By Homeless Man?

from the nuclear-disaster,-huh? dept

The original purpose of the internet was supposed to be a network that the government could continue to use even after a nuclear attack. The whole point is that it’s supposed to figure out ways to route around damage. However, when it came to Internet2, apparently designers didn’t pay as much attention to that kind of stability. The news today is that a homeless man in Boston tossed a cigarette on a mattress, setting off a two-alarm fire that happened to knock out the Internet2 connection between New York and Boston. It’s true that Internet2 is supposed to be experimenting with different methods of building network infrastructure, but you would think that redundancy would have been considered a feature worth keeping.

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Comments on “Internet2 Knocked Out By Homeless Man?”

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Joel Coehoorn says:

I think the key word in there is ‘experimenting’. I don’t think anyone at Internet2 makes the claim of having a completed project. And just because at this phase there may only be budget for one line between New York and Boston doesn’t mean the protocols might not be good enough that if Internet2 ever gets the same kind of adoption as the web that more lines wouldn’t be run and it would be able to route around the problem.

But yeah, I2 is not likely to ever get that kind of adoption. It’s more valuable as an experimental network for testing new ideas and protocols on a scale resembling the real thing for consideration by standards bodies.

zcat says:

Not a new problem

I few years back some ‘homies’ decided to light a fire in a rail tunnel that goes through the middle of Hamilton. The fire ended up burning through a big bundle of fiber cutting off internet to Waikato University, a few big companies, and some smaller ISPs. It also caused major bandwidth problems for our two major Teleco’s who both had fiber in that tunnel.

And I’ve lost count of the number of times a major fiber has been cut by thieves looking for copper to steal..

Jess says:

Too fast

The internet has grown too fast for people to look into building redundancy. People with “me” complexes want their internet now and don’t care if it might take a couple decades to get it reliable enough for them to be online 80% of the time. Until its down that is.

Also the military most likely won’t lose their connectivity so it won’t do anything to knock it down just to give the military issues.

—Can you imagine Iran in charge of part of the internet? They’d shut it down until all the porn was removed. And that’s just not nice!!!–“Me”

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