Some Suggestions On How To Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day

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Reader Korrupt writes in to let us know that today is apparently World Intellectual Property Day. Michael Geist notes that there seems to be a lot missing from the festivities. Right now they seem full of announcements about how countries need to do more to make their IP systems like the US. Of course, WIPO also has a wonderfully silly list of suggested activities for World Intellectual Property Day, such as “Work with local newspapers to publish editorials encouraging respect for the rights of creators” and “Mount exhibits at local shopping malls explaining how consumers benefit from strong intellectual property systems.” Since it doesn’t seem like the folks at WIPO want to use World Intellectual Property Day to actually discuss some of the deeper issues concerning whether or not intellectual property actually is useful, we thought it might be good to come up with our own list of suggested activities for World Intellectual Property Day:

And, of course in the spirit of free and open discussion on World Intellectual Property Day, we ask you to contribute your own suggestions in the comments (WIPO, oddly enough, seems to assume that it has the final word and does not ask for comments).

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Comments on “Some Suggestions On How To Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day”

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dorpus says:

Earth Day Patent

Barbecued Blue Whale, Snowy Egret, Bengal Tiger, Anatolian Leopard, Seal Pup.

Lots of manly men to participate in the redwood-felling contest – see who’s REALLY a stud with an axe. Don’t miss out on the California Condor shoot.

For the kiddies, activities will include creating interesting patterns on the lake with Quaker State 10W-40, freon cloud making.

FightBackMan says:

File a bogus DMCA take down notices

1. Go file a bogus DMCA take down notice against a politicians website, their favorite entertainment sites, Viacom’s ISP. etc.

2. Patent something Nokia makes in the US (they don’t check prior art or obviousness’) and plan your law$uit.

3. Wait patiently for this new EU rule to come into force.
Inciting infringement is a criminal offence now, and since Windows includes a CD ripper Gates & co are inciting infringement. You can’t get the BSA who pushed this, but you can get their paymasters.

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