More Companies Throwing Away Customer Private Info

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Identity thieves may want to go back to dumpster diving as a way of getting useful information. Just a week after Radio Shack was sued for throwing out all sorts of customer info (including credit card and social security numbers) where anyone walking by could just grab it out of the trash, telco Rogers Communication was found doing the exact same thing in Toronto. The company is blaming a sales company they had hired for dumping the content without considerations for customer privacy. You would think big companies like Radio Shack and Rogers would know better than to have such information even stored on paper like that, let alone to allow it to be thrown out in the trash.

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Comments on “More Companies Throwing Away Customer Private Info”

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xnipsx says:

Re: Re:

My coment is this, you and the rest of the people that say “im I will never shop here again” can kiss my candy. Because let me tell you, I’ve worked at a retail store, and it sucks when your corportations policy doesnt’ allow you to hand over a new laptop every time one breaks for a customer. BOO HOO your laptops broken what did you expect buy another one. oh one other thing…… I know another retail store that throws out cust info at the drop of a hat, no, its not compusa, or cdw, think a big yellow tag……. woot!!!

Kristin says:

I use to work for Charming shoppes inc in their store Fashion Bug

Before they went almost completely paperless we use to do the same exact thing every year. Grab all the files at the end of the month (names, CC#) and just toss them in the trash

I’m not 100% certain there were Social Security numbers on those things. I don’t believe there were, but still.

They stopped that about a year ago but it kind of tells you how wide spread it is

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