Nominated For A Webby

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Nice news of the day is that Techdirt has been nominated for a Webby in the “Best Business Blogs” category. The competition is steep with the likes of excellent sites like PaidContent and the NY Times’ Dealbook — so we’ll just trot out the cliche (but we mean it!) and say it’s just great to be included in such a group of sites. The Webbies have their own internal voting as well as a “People’s Voice” vote where anyone can vote — so feel free to choose your favorites. And, as always, the real thanks goes to our passionate and opinionated readers who, whether they agree with us or not, continue to make writing the Techdirt blog fun and intellectually stimulating for those of us here at Techdirt Towers.

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Comments on “Nominated For A Webby”

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happymellon says:


It’s a shame that the quality of the readership seems to have gone down. You seem to get a lot more trolling AC’s these days than I remember. But at least you haven’t let that get to the quality of the articles, I do have to say that I enjoy reading this on a regular basis, even if there is an accused bias towards anti-MP/RIAA content, sometimes it feels like shooting fish in a barrel. I don’t think there is too much propaganda, probably just enough, because I keep coming back.

To be honest though, I thought Webbies ended after the bubble popped.

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