Does Your Cell Phone Plan Come With Unlimited Drug Delivery?

from the dialing-it-in dept

The concept of telemedicine, allowing doctors to offer their services from a distance, has been hyped up for some time, although it has yet to take off in a big way. Now a team of European and Israeli scientists are experimenting with a more direct way of using modern communications technology to deliver medicine: using a cell phone to control a drug-dispensing tooth that can be implanted in a patient’s mouth. The invention is aimed at patients who either forget to take their medicine, or just don’t like to. Instead, the medicine will already be stored in their mouth, and will be emitted at a regular interval on command from their handsets. Presumably, it could also be used to deliver a drug like morphine, which the patient controls, but is limited in terms of how often it can be taken. Of course, once these start being implanted in patients, you can only imagine the type of conspiracy theories that will arise having to do with pernicious plots between the government, handset makers and dentists to dope us all with mind-altering elixirs.

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Comments on “Does Your Cell Phone Plan Come With Unlimited Drug Delivery?”

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Infested Templar says:

Just wait till this story get’s linked with the FUD about mobile phone viruses.
Still it wouldn’t all be overreaction, the security on each end of this system would have to be extreme, especially if it is used for dangerous drugs like morphine. Just imagine if someone could intercept the signal from the phone to the tooth and crack the encryption (it is encrypted right?) and send alternative instructions. And if they used generic software (eg windows) on the machine that sent the scripts and it got a virus, even one not specifically targeting the dispensing system?

This does seem to have some potential it’s just that security problems in critical areas seem all to common, and medical errors in this situation could be hard to detect and rectify so precautions need to be a big part of this system.

Overcast says:

Yes – and soon, the government will control the wonder tooth, and you won’t have to worry about a thing at all!!

You know – it’s bound to happen at least for some they deem ‘unable’ to care for themselves. Or because ‘it’s better for society this way’.

Yes, of course flames will mock me. But then, remember – the Social Security number is never to be used for purposes of identification. And if you trust the government, I can rest in the knowledge that you have far more problems than me anyhow – and that tooth might actually benefit you…

Ken Mason says:

You've got to be kiddin'

Ok, first of all if this thing was designed for “forgetful” patients, then exacty how much medicine does this thing hold? I mean at sometime it has to be refilled, I can only imagine that this is not a very big item as it’s something that’s placed in your mouth. Second of all if it’s for someone that’s taking life-saving medication and they’re “forgetful” then they need to be hospitalized. But then again if I was prescribed a life-saving medicine I would be sure not to forget, it’s just that simple.

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