Yahoo Says No Reason For Email Storage Games: Offers Unlimited Storage

from the storage-is-cheap dept

It’s been almost exactly three years since Google first announced Gmail. The massive one gig of storage surprised the world so much that many assumed it was simply a practical joke by Google. However, Google insisted that they recognized how storage was getting cheaper and cheaper, and that it simply didn’t make sense to limit how much mail you could keep (in fact, for a while, it was quite difficult to delete any mail from Gmail). Of course, while 1 gig seemed nearly infinite three years ago, it wasn’t long before some people noticed it still wasn’t enough. So Google started a running tally increasing their amount of storage every second to try to stay ahead of the curve. The folks over at Yahoo finally realized this was silly and have decided to just ditch the limits entirely, offering unlimited email usage for everyone. Storage is cheap. Getting and keeping users are expensive. If you can use unlimited storage to get and keep users, it’s probably worth it.

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Comments on “Yahoo Says No Reason For Email Storage Games: Offers Unlimited Storage”

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The Grombolblot says:

Unlimited is just Perspective

If you think about it, it would take a lot of big ass emails to fill a gmail account. The fact is that gmail is, essentially, unlimited. It’s just a matter of how you look at it. Would you, or I or anyone use up 2.5+ gigs under regular useage? I know I can’t. Hell, with constant emailing and rather large useage, my gmail has barely even a dent in it.

I’m glad that yahoo has dropped the name game, but that’s all it really is…

ocdude (user link) says:

I have managed to fill almost half of my Gmail acc

One of Gmail’s biggest promotions when they first started was “never delete another e-mail again!” Well, I did just that and I discovered about a week ago that doing so meant that I was now up to 45% of my capacity, which frightened me a little, so I went on a massive deletion spree. I got most of the way through 2005 and haven’t even touched 2006. While it’s cool that I can even look back that far and see what was going on with my life through e-mail (I basically live my life through e-mail, mostly due to my job), it was also piling up all those one line e-mails that were pointless like, “meet me at the metro station after work” type things.

Does Yahoo! really have unlimited storage? I highly doubt it. Will I ever use Yahoo! because it says it has unlimited storage? Nope. I do have a Yahoo! account, mostly because I wanted to use Flickr, but because they tag their outgoing e-mail with ads, I steer clear away from using their e-mail service.

JBB says:

Yeah, okay. Unlimited backups?

“Storage is cheap.” Yeah. Backup is expensive. What do you think the chances are that they have reasonable (by which I mean multiple) backups that protect against 1) system failure 2) system corruption and 3) user error a week ago, a month ago, etc.?

Maybe email archives aren’t important enough to back up… But then why are they such a ‘selling’ point for gmail?

whocaresaboutyahoo? says:

Yahoo Sucks

I have a yahoo account, but only for the purpose of useing it as a dump email account. I remember two weeks after I opened my account I was getting 400 spam mails a day (which they say does not count towards your limit) but it was still a hassel to use. Although I had intended on useing the account for legit purposes, spam mail irritates me and I switched to Gmail as my main account.

fuse5k says:


I highly doubt that yahoo will be offering a truly unlimited amount of storage space.

all it would take is for someone to devise a GUI that turns yahoo mail into a FTP system, and then everyone who wants it has “unlimited storage”

I highly doubt that your account would be kept for long if you were transferring 25GB plus a month

billy says:

I am pretty sure that there is a add-on / extension for Firefox there somewhere I read about before that allows one to use their Gmail account through FTP.
If I were to ever get said add-on, I know I could fill it up constantly and re-empty it just to transfer my files around.
Maybe I should look that up, thats a good idea …

TheDock22 says:

Re: Re: Corporate Systems

The rediculous state of affairs in most business email systems is an indication that your email solution provider is holding you back, not enabling you.

Most businesses host their e-mail internally rather than rely on providers. Also, most business do not have the resources that Yahoo! or Gmail has to be able to offer unlimited e-mail.

As a Sys Admin, you really have no idea what your talking about in terms of cost alone.

As far as Yahoo!, they DO have the money and resources to offer such a service. It doesn’t really matter though, I use Yahoo! and Gmail and while Yahoo! might have ads, their spam feature actually works when you tell it something is spam! I’ve been getting the same spam mail from the same person for years with Gmail, even though I told it to mark as spam. Gmail’s interface is WAY nicer than Yahoo! though and I love the module for your Personalized Homepage so I can see my e-mail.

Joseph Durnal (user link) says:

Re: Re: Corporate Systems

They would complain a lot more if we said, sorry, nobody can use their mail because we ran out of space.

It is mostly a funding thing, most corporate systems are using MS Exchange, which is pretty good on features, but not so cheap when it comes to storage requirements (2007 is a bit better). There are alternatives, but they often don’t satisfy all of the end user requirements because most are so used to using Outlook, the requirements become, it has to work just like Outlook! Often the alternative is a secondary system on lower end storage for e-mail archiving, which is OK for most, but still don’t exactly come cheap.

|333173|3|_||3 says:

Doesn’t that already exist for Gmail? Since they both use a standard email interface, it should not be too hard to modify the gmail fiel transfer apps for Yahoo!, since I would imagine that a large part of the porting work would be in making sure that the messages were the right size.

Making such a program could be as simple as adding a file browser and ASCII buffering code tot Thunderbird. If Yahoo! mail uses 8-bit text or Unicode then the ASCII buffer would not be needed either. THe only tricky part would be allowing folders ont he Yahoo! mail end, but the obvious way to do that would be to have a directory path in the subject line, which a GUI displays as a tree.

SailorAlphaCentauri says:


is when the article says unlimited storage will begin. My email account has been with Yahoo ever since they bought Rocketmail (which gave more storage space than Yahoo did back in the day) & it’s my oldest email account. Having unlimited storage is all fine and good (I’m only just at 9% full), but I’d rather have more filtering options than the 15 slots they give you in the free account. That would be worthwhile & make it easier to capture messages that may get sent to my Spam folder (which, admittedly, was partly my fault; I marked some messages as Spam several years ago by accident & had to put in filters to catch them again).

And considering that I only use Google when I really, really have to, I won’t be getting a Gmail account to add to the 10 others that I have out there. Yes, I collect email addresses like baseball cards, but some of them are Spam dumpsters and others are to allow me to say crap & still be able to get a job down the road.

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