Bootleg-Sniffing Dogs Thrown Off The Scent

from the what-next-for-lucky-and-flo? dept

The story about the MPAA’s bootleg-sniffing wonder dogs, Lucky and Flo, continues to get more ridiculous. You’ll recall that in the last episode, the MPAA had just put out word that DVD pirates had put a bounty on the two dogs, because they were just so good at what they did. Whether this was true or not (and we certainly have our suspicions), the news only added to the dogs’ mystique, since it meant they were truly working under the same life-threatening conditions as super heroes. Since then, officials have been coy about the location of the dogs, which is top secret for security reasons. The latest plot twist is that DVD pirates are now using scent-masking chemicals to throw off the dogs. Once again, this seems a little hard to believe, but it’s really clear where the MPAA is taking all of this. In the next episode, Lucky and Flo are going to gain even more superpowers, which will allow them to detect the scent-masking chemicals. Or maybe they’ll forgo the power of smell altogether and develop x-ray vision. We always knew that the MPAA was good at creating suspenseful plots — but they need to work on the believability part.

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Comments on “Bootleg-Sniffing Dogs Thrown Off The Scent”

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TheDock22 says:


Did anyone else see the MythBusters where they tried to outsmart a blood-hound with colognes and other tricks, but found out the canine is actually tracking your skin cells that fall off when you run rather then any scent you leave behind?

So….I doubt that masking the DVD’s or CD’s are going to throw these dogs off the scent. I’m still not sure how they can sniff out pirated DVD’s compared to a normal ones, but that’s another argument.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: Interesting...

I saw that Mythbusters but noted also that they only used black pepper instead of the pepper actually used in the “myth” which was cayenne or any stronger pepper. Of course the reason is that black pepper doesn’t do anything whereas cayenne is like inhaling mace, and the Mythbusters suck for a “scientific” team; their “busted” Tesla earthquake machine episode really proved this since there’s such a device in the demolition business known as a “servo unit” but they get more episodes if they claim it’s busted and then have to revisit it. They’re ENTERTAINMENT television, not education by any means.

Anyway, cayenne pepper would work on a hound just the same as it would work if it were sprayed in your face, only more so for the hound.

Phillip says:

Re: Re: Interesting...

Actually it did work, however, if you remember, the handler figured out that something had been done to mask the scent so he started circling the building to find the scent again leading away.

But in the building the dog did not know where he went, and may or may not have found the trail on his own. However, the handler combined with the dog were able to get it right. The ones that completely failed was cologne & coffee grinds as well as a shower and new clothes, crossing the river, and weaving and climbing a tree.

Cunk says:

Re: Re: Interesting...

While I’ll agree MB is more entertainment than science, it’s still good entertainment mixed with plenty of sound scientific & engineering lessons. The methods they use to solve problems generally utilize valid engineering skills.

And please link this demolition “servo unit” you refer to. I’m curious about this now.

Sanguine Dream says:

Greetings true believers...

Did they hire some comic story writer wannabe as the PR person to spin this or what?

Any idiot knows that at best the dogs are trained to sniff out ALL cds and then the dog handlers somehow manage to have the right to check the cds to see if they are legit.

So are these dogs trained and handled by the police or what?

AZIZA says:

Re: In related news...

..a family on vacation was attacked by two large dogs after the father pulled a stack of DVD-R’s from his fanny pack to record his sons first steps. More at 11.

He must have been doing something wrong, or the MPAA attack dogs never would have picked up on his scent in the first place. Sorry, couldn’t resist…

Brad says:

Claim in the article....

What I love best, is this quote from the article:

“1 million pirated DVDs, CDs and computer game discs worth $2.8 million in an office complex on March 19.”

1M DVDs, CDs, and Computer Game discs @ $2.8M….

That means they had a value of $2.80/ea (on average). Either they’ve given up on the claim that every pirated copy is a lost sale, or they’re admitting that a complete movie, album, or computer disc is only actually “worth” $2.80. Either way, they’re admitting that $750/mp3 is no longer a valid claim. Thanks, MPAA!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

RE: zcat

“Apparently they sniff for polycarbonates, the plastic used to make CDs and DVDs.”
I thought maybe it was the ink in the blanks. I would think that is what the strong smell is when you open the 100 pack of dvds.
Note to people going on vacation. Do not bring blanks for the DVD camcorder. You will be sniffed out by the blank patrol! Lets not forget you can not bring the purchased then used in camcorder disks back either… There go all our holiday memorys…

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