Ridiculous 'We're The Best Network' Fight Moves To Wired Broadband As Well

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Remember last year when all the various mobile operators were squabbling over who could claim they owned the best network? It got so bad that it actually went to court and eventually the Better Business Bureau had to step in and carefully explain what adjectives each mobile operator could use to describe its network. Of course, while the mobile operators were wasting all that time arguing over who could claim who had the best network, they could have been investing all that money in… I don’t know… improving the quality of those networks. But, why let a silly thing like efficient uses of your resources get in the way of slamming the competition? At least that seems to be the theory involved in the latest such spat, as both Cablevision and Verizon (who have been involved in a pretty nasty fight for customers in the New York region) are spending ad dollars claiming that it has the “best” network. Verizon, of course, has been investing heavily in its FiOS fiber optic network, but Cablevision is running ads that state that it has the “nation’s most advanced fiber-optic network,” leaving out the part where they explain that the fiber only runs to the node. The part to the home travels over good old coax. Fortunately, for now, Verizon has said that while Cablevision’s claims are “hogwash” and could false advertising, they don’t see any value in going to court over it just yet.

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Comments on “Ridiculous 'We're The Best Network' Fight Moves To Wired Broadband As Well”

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Steve says:

Good ole coax...?

Excerpt from article:

“…leaving out the part where they explain that the fiber only runs to the node. The part to the home travels over good old coax.”

Don’t people know Verizon FIOS might bring fiber near the house, but once it hits the house, FIOS utilizes the same ‘good old coax’ as the cable company?

So.. what’s the point of nitpicking about Fiber this or Fiber that? If Verizon kept their plans to bring fiber to the premises, they might have had an argument.

Jeff says:

Re: Good ole coax...?

Yes, with Verizon the fiber comes to the house where it’s turned where it’s plugged into an ONT so you can get the coaxial cable for 10 feet to your tv or STP and router instead of being being cable for hundreds to thousands of feet. Also with Verizon, the bandwidth for video and data is split at the ONT and Router at the house. With the other tech, the ‘good old coax’ has to carry the payload data for both the video and the cable. You can’t get high enough data over those long of runs with coax…
FWIW, Verizon and other cable companies MUST have the coax in the house for analog tvs and basic channels which they must provide. Do some more research and you’ll understand what I’m talking about… I guess you’ve not had Fios, eh? I have…

Brian says:

no coax

i was fortunate enough to live in an area covered by fios. the internet speed was unreal, much faster than cable ever was, and cheaper. comcast wants upwards of $50 a month for their “great” service.

anyway, the fiber line runs to the house where they put some kind of box that seperates the phone signal from the internet. an ethernet line is ran from this box to the room with the computer. you get a cute little ethernet jack on the wall an thats it. the phone line is connected to your existing phone lines running through the house, i noticed that the calls had a hollow quality to them.

you are even exempt from some of the federal/state taxes because it is not ran through the old copper lines.

unfortunately i moved in january to an area not yet covered by the fios service. now i’m back to DSL until they get the lines out here. its like going from cable to dial-up.

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