US Customs Using YouTube Records To Examine Drug Smuggler's Death Threats

from the perhaps-YouTube-isn't-the-best-medium-for-death-threats dept

While Mexican gangs have been using YouTube to pass taunting messages back and forth to each other, it seems like that might not be such a wise idea. As with other cases of criminals using YouTube, only to have it backfire when that just made it easier to catch them, it appears that U.S. Customs Enforcement has executed a search warrant to get some information on supposed death threats sent via YouTube by a drug smuggler. It’s unclear right now how useful the information from YouTube will prove to be, but once again this seems to suggest that rather than discouraging criminals from using YouTube, we should be absolutely encouraging it, to make it that much easier to catch and prosecute them.

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Comments on “US Customs Using YouTube Records To Examine Drug Smuggler's Death Threats”

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TheDock22 says:


No one ever claimed most criminals were smart. I actually think YouTube should make some profit on it. Hype up the criminal videos, then more will be posted. And since it’s the internet, it can’t be entrapment.

Although more losers might commit petty crimes just to get their 15-minutes, but that’s a risk I would be willing to take.

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