Copyright Royalty Board Senses Folks Aren't Too Happy About New Webcaster Rates

from the oh,-they-didn't-like-that,-huh? dept

It appears that the uproar and protests following the US Copyright Royalty Board’s new webcasting royalty rates has (as many expected) caught the attention of the Copyright Royalty Board, who will now hold hearings about the rates, allowing various parties to submit documents detailing their positions. Many who have gone through this process before have said that this is basically how the whole thing works. The Board comes out with ridiculous rates as requested by the RIAA… lots of folks protest, and the Board comes out with some agreement on lower rates. It’s not clear how this is particularly efficient, but you don’t expect efficiency from government agencies designated to manage protectionist laws.

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Comments on “Copyright Royalty Board Senses Folks Aren't Too Happy About New Webcaster Rates”

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Mark (user link) says:

Good news

This is good news, especially for webcasters that are potentially streaming copyritghted material from many countries. I started almost 5 years ago, and to date, we have sourced live performances from 30 countries.

Please tell me how a licensing group will calculate the fees due per listeners per country per performance created per country?!

Typically the station receives 600,000 tune ins a month, but who can arbitrate what if any royalty money goes to the producer?


Nobody Special says:

congress goofed

This would be a non-issue if congress had gotten it right. As long as streaming is done like radio, it should be treated as radio. In fact, that is a common source for streaming audio.

When radio began congress got that right. Radio drives music sales. Streaming does the same and should be recognized as such.

Andrew (user link) says:

Re: congress goofed

Actually, the government did not get it right when it came to radio either, it took numerous legislation moves to finally get to the point where radio stations are free to play whatever songs they want without getting permission from copyright holders.

As with any new technology, there is immediate backlash, then everyone finally comes to their senses and realizes that they can make money off this new technology.

We are hoping to capitalize on this ‘realization’…

Jake says:

I also was pretty angry about this. I don’t use internet radio too much, but don’t think they should be driven out of business.

I read a pretty interesting article about this whole mess on Media 3.0. Shelly Palmer thinks this will only drive “internet radio” somewhat underground. Really, all you need is the playlist to know what they’re playing. Combine that with RSS links to songs, and you’ve got royalty-free “internet radio.”

Really, this setup seems more “internet” than the old internet radio:

– Jake

Elitest Pig Dog (user link) says:


Elitest Pig Dog – Look the people are actually enjoying themselves learning, enjoying music, acting free and turning against the slave pen we’ve made for them.

Elitest Pig Dog 2 – Well then well just manipulate the laws again to show them there our slaves once again.

Elitest Pig Dog – Good Idea, lets start with the music we own that right?

Elitest Pig Dog 2 – Oh, yeah all of it and we can only let them have the brain washing stuff for free. Nothing like 12 year old girls singing britney spears.

Elitest Pig Dog – Oh I just love that we’ll restructure it to play all day on the stations we take over.

Elitest Pig Dog 2 – This should make it easier then to go after talk radio right? and videos on google like money masters? Cause we cant have the truth told to the slaves, i mean when i want a sandwich I don’t wanna have to wait or make it myself you know what I’m saying.

Elitest Pig Dog – I know just where your coming from, I had to wait 2 min. once it was hell, I think my stomach actually growled. Oh yeah and it’s all just domino’s we get this the rest will fall, there stupid and cant stand up for anything. We’ll just start another american idol up so they will watch that and we’ll move in.

Elitest Pig Dog – so then its agreed music first.

Elitest Pig Dog 2 – Aye, to the law system we created to further enslave!

Elitest Pig Dog – Tally HO! To the racketeering Mobile!

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