Pets Just Can't Compete With Video Games When It Comes To Kids' Attention

from the man't-best-friend dept

Video games may not turn people into mindless killers, but they’re not totally off the hook. The head of the Australian Veterinary Association is blaming video games for decreased pet ownership (via Digg), and all of the problems that creates. That’s right, according to the group, it’s a big problem for society if kids aren’t spending as much time outside with Lassie, since they’re not getting the physical exercise or the important life skills that come about from playing with pets. This complaint is just a variation on the old “video games make kids fat” argument, which studies have cast into doubt. More importantly, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of a link between video games and pet ownership; it’s just the conjecture of someone who sounds worried about his profession. There’s no logical reason to think that video game playing and pet ownership are mutually exclusive, as there are certainly plenty of kids that do both. Of course, it would be unfortunate if kids didn’t get the joy of playing fetch with a dog and a frisbee, which is why it would make for an excellent game on the Wii.

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Comments on “Pets Just Can't Compete With Video Games When It Comes To Kids' Attention”

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icabod (user link) says:


On a more on-topic note, the article states that the groups says kids aren’t getting a much exercise as when they play with pets. I had a cat (sadly missed) but she never caused me to exercise any more. That argument kind of depends on the pet in question being, say, a dog.
Perhaps less people are getting pets as they have less time to care for them? With all the advertising (especially around Christmas), maybe people are being more careful and sensible.

Off-topic, it looks like (my) company proxy authentication is causing some double-post issues. Trying with IE now to see if it’s just a Firefox thing.

billy says:

pets and video games

im a video gaming fanatic
i play games all the time
i also play with my cat before anything when i get home (after I change though)
haha, if I don’t he won’t stop meowing at me
he drags the entire freaking stick around by the string that is attached to it and follows me
making lots of noise
and meows while the thing is in his mouth, which my previous cat could not seem to do
although, my cat turns 1 human year old in 3 days
so he does have crazy much energy

spring is almost here, than he will probably be more loving since he can expend his energy outside (he is still paranoid of snow for the most part)
then he can do all the time what he currently only does in late evening, being,
follow me around the house and always sleep on the chair next to me

i love my kitty
but i still love video games
and easily have time for both
(i also exercise a lot, despite being a gamer, so eat that one researchers)

Anonymous Coward says:

from the man't-best-friend dept

You just have to give kids something more challenging than pets these days.

On that note, tie said game console to a wild moose. Send the kids into the wilderness to hunt it down.
The kids WILL get the game back somehow.

PS In the heading of this article, “man’t” is short for mantis. (man’ts are the shiznat)

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