Biggest Threat To Communications Infrastructure: Crappy Pop Bands

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It’s hardly surprising to hear about heavy demand for concert tickets taking down web sites, since ticketing sites have a long history of technical problems they still haven’t quite managed to work out. But over in the UK, demand for tickets to the refill-our-coffers reunion tour of 90s boy band Take That didn’t just take down some ticket sites, it managed to knock out several thousand unrelated BT phone lines as well. Forget botnets spawning from email worms and viruses; it would appear the botnet of tens of thousands of nostalgic women herded by a washed-up pop act is what causes the real damage.

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Comments on “Biggest Threat To Communications Infrastructure: Crappy Pop Bands”

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Joe C says:

Not washed up

I’m not a fan however I think the writeup is somewhat unfair to Take That (oh god I’m defending them!).
This is actually a genuine reunion not a cash in. They didn’t expect much, just a one-off show for nostalgia value. It snowballed after that though, helped by some strong new material including a number 1. However you’re right in that the fan base is somewhat older now!
Not exactly what I call washed-up.

Just thought I’d put the Americans straight 🙂

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